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Muḥammad b. Aḥmad Abū al-‘Uqūl was a court astronomer for al-Malik al-Mu'ayyad Dāwūd and flourished around 1300 CE. His masterful set of astronomical tables (zīj) al-Mukhtār min al-azyāj is preserved in the British Library and is now available to view and download at the QDL.

The historian David King recognized the importance of this text since it copied a number of tables from the earlier zīj of Ibn Yūnus. There are 45 chapters . Below I attach the first two pages, followed by a table showing the coordinates of towns, including those in Yemen.

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One of the major Yemeni poets of the last generation was ‘Abd Allāh al-Baraddūnī. Many of his books are available online, and here is one of them that was published in 1995.

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موعدنا غدًا، الخميس، الموافق 14.09.2023، الساعة السادسة مساء، في مؤسسة عبدالحميد شومان-الأردن-عمان. ولخارج عمان ممكن متابعتها عن طريق الزوم. محاضرة بعنوان "اليمن وفلسطين والأردن علاقات متميزة عبر التاريخ.. في ضوء النقوش اليمنية القديمة". والدعوة عامة للجميع

Our appointment is tomorrow, Thursday, 14.09.2023, at six pm, at the Abdul Hamid Shouman Foundation-Jordan-Oman. And outside Amman, you can follow it via Zoom. A lecture titled "Yemen, Palestine and Jordan are special relations throughout history.. In the light of the ancient Yemeni patterns." And a public invitation to all
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