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2014 MESA (Washington, D.C.), November 22-24


• Tribes in Yemen: The View from Within

--- "Poetry and Tribalism in Yemen"

Mohammed Sharafuddin

--- "The future political role of Yemeni tribal sheikhs in light of the expected outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference"

Adil Mujahid Al Sharjabi

--- "Tribalism in the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference"

Abdul Karim S. Alaug

--- "Tribal Dynamics and Political Processes in Yemen"

Nadwa Aldawsari


• Yemen's Cultural Crisis: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

--- "Bridging the Generation Gap to Protect Nature in Yemen: Conservation of Nature through Culture"

Mohammed Al-Duais

--- "Cents and (Cultural) Sensibility: How Transnational Political Agendas Condition the Content of Contemporary Theater in Yemen"

Katherine Hennessey

--- "It Looks Good on Paper: Conserving Zabid's Manuscripts and Intellectual History"

Anne Regourd

--- "Conserving Built Heritage and Landscapes in Yemen: Political and Cultural Considerations for Sustainability"

Stephen Steinbeiser and Abdullah Al-Hadhrami,


• Making Yemen's Islamic History: Engineering, Monuments, Taxes and Stimulants 


--- "Written Versus Archaeological Evidence: The Example of Water and Wastewater in Medieval Zabid, Yemen"

Ingrid Hehmeyer


--- "Ideal and Pragmatic Tax Law in Medieval Zaydi Yemen"

Eirik Hovden


--- "A Cultural Heritage Text from Early Medieval South Arabia"

Daniel Mahoney

--- "Coffee and Qat in Yemen: The historical and literary evidence for their introduction"

Daniel Varisco

2013 MESA (New Orleans), October 10-13

• What Does State Fragility Mean in the Yemeni Case?

--- "The State Fragility Thesis and the Case of Yemen"

Kamilia Eriani

--- "Conditions for State Building in Yemen: But What's the State in Yemen Anyway?"

Larissa Alles

--- "Houthism and Houthaphobia in the Post-Saleh Yemeni State"

David Hollenberg

--- "The Yemeni State in International Context"

Charles Schmitz 

--- "Tribalism in Yemen: Social Capital Confronts Social Unrest" 

Najwa Adra 

--- "From One War to Another? The Impact of Yemen's Political Crisis on Migrant Domestic Workers"

Marina de Regt

• Mamluks and Rasulids: Why They Should Both Matter to Historians

--- "The Yemeni Manuscript Tradition in Context: Materials, Texts and Decorations in Rasulid Times"

Arianna Dottone

--- "The Effects of Rasulid and the Mamluk Rule Over the Resistant Central Highlands of Yemen"

Daniel Mahoney

--- "Enter the Rasulids: the Dahlakis and Their Powerful Neighbors in the Red Sea"

Roxani Margariti

--- "Heirs of the Ayyubids: The Formation of the Rasulid State in Yemen" 

Daniel Martin Varisco


Mohammed Sharafuddin at MESA 2014. To his right are Najwa Adra, Nadwa al-Dawsari, Abdul Karim Alaug and Charles Schmidt


Najwa Adra speaking at MESA 2014. To her right are Nadwa Al-Dawsari, Abdul Karim Alaug, Mohammed Al-Duais, Charles Schmidt and Mohammed Sharafuddin


McGuire Gibson speaking with Ingrid Hehmeyer at MESA 2014

2012 MESA (Denver, Colorado) November 17-20

• Yemen after Saleh

--- "Fragmentation and Reintegration?: Yemen’s 'Opposition' in the Wake of the Change Revolution" Stacey Philbrick Yadav

---"Reactionary Responsible Friendship? Reflections on the Yemeni Revolution"

Kamilia Al-Eriani

---"The Future of South Yemen: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

 Susanne A. Dahlgren

--- "The Huthis"

Abdullah Hamidaddin

--- "Women, Religion, and Yemen's Arab Spring"

Sophia Pandya

---"Yemen's Post-Hydrocarbon Economy"

Charles P. Schmitz


2011 MESA (Washington, D.C.), December 1-4

• Identities and Interests in Contemporary Yemen

Organized by Charles P. Schmitz


--- "Tribes and State in Yemen?" 

Charles P. Schmitz

--- "Crafting Opposition: The JMP and the Politics of Identity"

Stacey Philbrick Yadav

---"“Seyyids” of Yemen: Old Wine in New Bottles? Abdullah Hamidaddin

--- "Follow the Bouncing Ball: Practical Approaches to Effective Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Yemen"

Stephen Steinbeiser

--- Sheila Carapico (Discussant)

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