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MESA 2022
Denver, Colorado, December 1-4


Sam Liebhaber speaking. Left to right: Flagg Miller, Dan Varisco, Mohammed Aziz, Emma Snowden (speaking for Emily Sumner)

Panel Description:
    The papers in this panel  explore different kinds of Yemeni poetic genre from the 12th century to  the present. The presentations are:
• Daniel Martin Varisco                                     
"The Late 12th Century CE Almanac Poem of Nashwān b. Sa‘īd al-Ḥimyarī "                                      
• Sam Liebhaber                                    

"Muḥammad al-Zubayrī: Between literary neo-classicism and oral folk poetry "                                     
• Emily Sumner                                     
"A Dialogic Approach to Chanted Poetry in Yemen's Civil War "                                                                   
• Muhammad Aziz                                     
"Three Poets from Yemen "                                      

MESA 2021
virtual meeting on Zoom

At the annual MESA meeting in December, 2021, AIYS Board Member Waleed Mahdi organized a panel entitled Challenges and Possibilities of Researching Yemeni Americans. The participants are: Sally Howell, Waleed Mahdi, Ammar Naji, Gokh Amin Alshaif, Abdulhakem Alsadah and Neama Alamri. A video of this presentation is available on the AIYS website here.

A second AIYS panel was organized by AIYS President Dan Varisco, entitled Rasulid Tribal Law, Sufism, Ottoman-era Yemenite Jews; Studies in the History of Yemen

  1. "Aḥkām al-man‘: A Tribal Customary Law Text from 14th century Rasulid Yemen" Daniel Martin Varisco, President, AIY

  2. "Zaydi Polemics against Sufism and the Ottomans 11th/17th Century: The Qasimi Imams and their Opponents" Bernard Haykel, Princeton University

  3. "Sufism in Yemen: A Struggle for Purity and Authenticity" Alexander Knysh, University of Michigan

  4. "Yemeni Jewish migration to East Africa and to Palestine during the Ottoman era (1880s-1918)" Bat-Zion Eraqi-Klorman, The Open University of Israel


Start of the tribal law text in the 14th century mixed manuscript of al-Malik al-Afḍal al-‘Abbās

AIYS sponsors two panels at each MESA annual meeting. AIYS also sponsors Yemeni films at MESA

Scholars wishing to propose a panel for AIYS sponsorship need to do so before submitting the panel proposal to MESA for consideration.  The annual deadline for submitting a panel proposal to AIYS for consideration by the AIYS Program Committee is February 1; the MESA deadline is February 15.

In November, 2023 the annual MESA meeting will be held in Montreal.

MESA 2020
virtual meeting on Zoom

  1. Yemen's Futures: Lessons from the Past (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  2. Narratives in Conflict: Articulations of Identity Politics in Yemen's War (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

Below are the various papers on Yemen:

  1. "What if we thought about citizenship less as some set of rights that one has (or does not have) and more" Stacey Philbrick Yadav (Tuesday, 10/06/20) 11 am)

  2. "Lessons from Yemen's Past: Restoring Agricultural Diversity in the northern Highlands" Andre Gingrich (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  3. "Anthologies as Educational Tools in the Tayyibi Ismaili Tradition" Samer Traboulsi (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  4. "Countering Gender Stereotypes: An Ethnographic Case Study from Yemen" Najwa Adra (Wednesday, 10/07/20 01:30 pm)

  5. "Framing Conflict in the Middle East: The Case of Yemen and Syria Wars in the European Media" Moosa Elayah (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  6. "From al-Akhdam to al-Muhamashin: Genealogical Imagination, Power, and Resistance in Yemen’s Black Minority" Gokh Amin Alshaif (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  7. "From Believing Youth to Bureaucrats: Adaptive representations of Houthi identity in Yemen’s media" Hannah Porter (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

  8. "In the Name of Security: A Critique of the Disruptive Force of Foreign Intervention in Yemen" Waleed Mahdi (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

  9. "Muslim Hunger Strikes as Secular Critique in Yemen" W. Flagg Miller (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  10. "Patronage as Containment: The Cases of al-Islah and the STC" Fernando R. Carvajal (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  11. Rebuilding Arabia Felix: Will Yemen be Allowed to Develop Itself?" Daniel Martin Varisco (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  12. "The Fiction of a Central Yemeni State" Gregory D. Johnsen (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  13. "The Memoirs of an “Unperson”: The Case of a Yemeni Dissident Shaykh" Marieke Brandt (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  14. "The Ottoman Imperial Legacy on Turkish Nation Building: An Analysis of the General Inspectorates (1895 - 1945)"  Erdem Ilter (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  15. "Traces of Absence: How the trauma of the Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Kidnapped Children Affair is present in home movies and photographs" Natalie Haziza (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  16. "Transforming Yemen: Divergent Saudi and Emirati Intervention Strategies" Tyler Parker (Monday, 10/05/20 01:30 pm)

  17. "Yemeni Smuggling: Land Control and Selective Law Enforcement as Tools of Patronage" Erik Rudicky (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  18. ["'The Words Pierce Hearts': Affect, Nationalism and Congruence in the Houthi Zamil" Emily Sumner (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

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