AIYS sponsors two panels at each MESA annual meeting. AIYS also sponsors Yemeni films at MESA

Scholars wishing to propose a panel for AIYS sponsorship need to do so before submitting the panel proposal to MESA for consideration.  The annual deadline for submitting a panel proposal to AIYS for consideration by the AIYS Program Committee is February 1; the MESA deadline is February 15.

In December, 2022 the annual MESA meeting will be held in Denver. For details check out the AIYS News Blog.

MESA 2022
Denver, Colorado, December 1-4


McGuire Gibson at the heritage panel in MESA 2016.  Dr. Gibson was the founder of AIYS in 1978.

MESA 2020
virtual meeting on Zoom

AIYS will sponsor a panel at MESA entitled Yemeni Poetry in Perspective. Session II-08, Thursday, December 1 at 5:30 pm.

Panel Description:
    The papers in this panel  explore different kinds of Yemeni poetic genre from the 12th century to  the present. The presentations are:

• Daniel Martin Varisco                                     
The Late 11th Century CE Almanac Poem of Nashwān b. Sa‘īd al-Ḥimyarī                                         
• Sam Liebhaber                                     
Muḥammad al-Zubayrī: Between literary neo-classicism and oral folk poetry  

• Emily Sumner                                     
A Dialogic Approach to Chanted Poetry in Yemen's Civil War                                                                       
• Muhammad Aziz                                     
Three Poets from Yemen                                         

MESA 2021
virtual meeting on Zoom

At the annual MESA meeting in December, 2021, AIYS Board Member Waleed Mahdi organized a panel entitled Challenges and Possibilities of Researching Yemeni Americans. The participants are: Sally Howell, Waleed Mahdi, Ammar Naji, Gokh Amin Alshaif, Abdulhakem Alsadah and Neama Alamri. A video of this presentation is available on the AIYS website here.

A second AIYS panel was organized by AIYS President Dan Varisco, entitled Rasulid Tribal Law, Sufism, Ottoman-era Yemenite Jews; Studies in the History of Yemen

  1. "Aḥkām al-man‘: A Tribal Customary Law Text from 14th century Rasulid Yemen" Daniel Martin Varisco, President, AIY

  2. "Zaydi Polemics against Sufism and the Ottomans 11th/17th Century: The Qasimi Imams and their Opponents" Bernard Haykel, Princeton University

  3. "Sufism in Yemen: A Struggle for Purity and Authenticity" Alexander Knysh, University of Michigan

  4. "Yemeni Jewish migration to East Africa and to Palestine during the Ottoman era (1880s-1918)" Bat-Zion Eraqi-Klorman, The Open University of Israel


Start of the tribal law text in the 14th century mixed manuscript of al-Malik al-Afḍal al-‘Abbās

  1. Yemen's Futures: Lessons from the Past (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  2. Narratives in Conflict: Articulations of Identity Politics in Yemen's War (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

Below are the various papers on Yemen:

  1. "What if we thought about citizenship less as some set of rights that one has (or does not have) and more" Stacey Philbrick Yadav (Tuesday, 10/06/20) 11 am)

  2. [P5813-24543] "Lessons from Yemen's Past: Restoring Agricultural Diversity in the northern Highlands" by Andre Gingrich (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  3. [P5894-25023] Anthologies as Educational Tools in the Tayyibi Ismaili Tradition by Samer Traboulsi (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  4. [P5853-24150] Countering Gender Stereotypes: An Ethnographic Case Study from Yemen by Najwa Adra (Wednesday, 10/07/20 01:30 pm)

  5. [P6237-24064] Framing Conflict in the Middle East: The Case of Yemen and Syria Wars in the European Media by Moosa Elayah (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  6. [P5861-24850] From al-Akhdam to al-Muhamashin: Genealogical Imagination, Power, and Resistance in Yemen’s Black Minority by Gokh Amin Alshaif (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  7. [P5994-24449] From Believing Youth to Bureaucrats: Adaptive representations of Houthi identity in Yemen’s media by Hannah Porter (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

  8. [P5994-24438] In the Name of Security: A Critique of the Disruptive Force of Foreign Intervention in Yemen by Waleed Mahdi (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)

  9. [P6237-24603] Muslim Hunger Strikes as Secular Critique in Yemen by W. Flagg Miller (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  10. [P6237-25471] Patronage as Containment: The Cases of al-Islah and the STC by Fernando R. Carvajal (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  11. [P5813-24075] Rebuilding Arabia Felix: Will Yemen be Allowed to Develop Itself? by Daniel Martin Varisco (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  12. [P5813-25585] The Fiction of a Central Yemeni State by Gregory D. Johnsen (Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am)

  13. [P5920-24322] The Memoirs of an “Unperson”: The Case of a Yemeni Dissident Shaykh by Marieke Brandt (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  14. [P6164-24898] The Ottoman Imperial Legacy on Turkish Nation Building: An Analysis of the General Inspectorates (1895 - 1945) by Erdem Ilter (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  15. [P5933-24897] Traces of Absence: How the trauma of the Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Kidnapped Children Affair is present in home movies and photographs by Natalie Haziza (Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm)

  16. [P5908-24769] Transforming Yemen: Divergent Saudi and Emirati Intervention Strategies by Tyler Parker (Monday, 10/05/20 01:30 pm)

  17. [P6237-24485] Yemeni Smuggling: Land Control and Selective Law Enforcement as Tools of Patronage by Erik Rudicky (Monday, 10/05/20 11:00 am)

  18. [P5994-24561] “The Words Pierce Hearts”: Affect, Nationalism and Congruence in the Houthi Zamil by Emily Sumner (Wednesday, 10/07/20 11:00 am)