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2010 MESA (San Diego, CA.), November 18-21



• Current Research on the History of Yemen

Created by Daniel Martin Varisco

--- "Private Libraries of Manuscripts in Zabid"

Anne Regourd

--- "Plowing through Dangling Diacriticals: The Reconstruction of al-Malik al-Ashraf's 13th Century Agricultural Treatise Milh al-Mahlaha"

Daniel Martin Varisco

--- "Land and Water Allocation Rights in the Wadi Zabid during Medieval Times: New Aspects from the Iskandariyya Madrasa"

Ingrid Hehmeyer

--- "Religious Legitimacy, Commercial Engagement, and Medical Diplomacy: Foreign Relations of the Qasimi Imamate during the 17th and 18th C."

Nancy Um


--- "The Imam is Responsible for Me before God!: The Dimension of Protection (Dhimma) Granted by Imam Yahya to the Jews of Yemen"

Kersten Hunefeld


• Perspectives on Yemen's Contemporary Crisis 

Created by Charles P. Schmitz

--- "Patronage and Instability in Yemen"

Sarah Phillips

--- "Unpacking Patronage Politics

April L. Alley

--- Specifying Corruption in the Yemeni Context" 

Charles Schmitz

--- "Zaydi Scholasticism in Contemporary Yemen"

David B. Hollenberg

--- "The Snake with a Thousand Heads: The Southern Movement and the New Political Culture in Yemen"  Susanne A. Dahlgren

MESA 2008 (Boston, MA), November 20-24



• The Diversity of Yemeni Poetry
Organized by Daniel Martin Varisco

Chaired by Najwa Adra


--- "Making Scholars: Noble Science and Poetry in Early Twentieth Century Yemen"

Lucine Taminian 

--- "The Fourteenth Century Almanac Poem of 'Abd Allah ibn As'ad al-Yafi'i"

Daniel Martin Varisco

--- "Yemeni-Arabic, Hebrew, and Judeo-Arabic Poems as Historical Source: A Comparative Study"

Yosef Tobi

--- "Rhythm and/or Beat: Re-evaluating Arabic Prosody in Light of Mahri Poetry"

Sam Liebhaber 

--- "The Pasha's' Broken Verse: A Poetics of Alienation in Yemeni Qasidah"

W. Flagg Miller

--- "Oral Poetry, Women's Empowerment, and Literacy in Yemen"

Najwa Adra

MESA 2007 (Montréal, Canada), November 17-20

• Revisiting al-Hamdani: New Perspectives on the Indigenous Language Communities of the South Arabian Periphery
Chaired by Gregory D. Johnson

--- "Turning Ploughshares into Words: Dialectical Diversity in Yemeni Arabic"

Daniel Martin Varisco

--- "Reorienting Heritage: Poetic Exchanges between Soqotra and the Gulf"

 Nathalie Peutz (Princeton University)

--- "Humayni Poetry in al-Mahra"

 Samuel Liebhaber 

MESA 2006 (Boston, MA), November 19-21

• Politics and Society and the Yemeni State
Organized by Robert D. Burrowes

Chaired by Michaelle Browers


--- "Unmet Need for Major Economic Reforms, Political Causes, and Economic and Political Effects: the Republic of Yemen, 1995-2006"

 Robert D. Burrowes

--- "Fear of State Failure and Prospects of Regime Change in the Republic of Yemen (2006- )"

Abdul-Ghani Al-Iryani

--- "Yemen's Failing Efforts to Meet the Political and Economic Challenges of the New Millennium, 1995-2006"

 Floor Beuning 

--- "Welfare and Modernity: Three Concepts for an 'Advanced Woman' in Aden"

Susanne Dahlgren

--- "Evaluation of Yemen State Efficacy within the Period of 1995-2005: Quantitative Analysis"

Mohammed Al-Maitami

"Democratization and the Persistence of Authoritarianism in Yemen, 1994-2006"

 Sarah Phillips 

• From Theory to Deed: Islamists in Yemen
Organized by Gregory D. Johnsen

Chaired by Thomas B. Stevenson

Discussant: Jillian Schwedler

--- "Contests of Innovation: The Culture of Politics in Yemeni Reformist Movements"

W. Flagg Miller 

"The Salafis in Yemen and their Relationships with Saudi Arabia"

Bernard Haykel 

"Salafis and Science: The Life and Thought of Sheikh Abd al-Majid al-Zindani"

Gregory D. Johnsen

"High-Value Target: Countering Al Qa'ida in Yemen"

Edmund J. Hull 

• Putting Rasulid Yemen on the Historiographic Map
Organized by Daniel Martin Varisco 

Chaired by Daniel Martin Varisco 

Discussant: Li Guo 


--- "The "Milh al-Malaha" of al-Malik al-Ashraf 'Umar (d. 696/1296): Situating the Ur-Text of the Rasulid Agricultural Corpus"

Daniel Martin Varisco 

"High Stakes on the High Seas: Ships and Seamanship of the Rasulids and their Predecessors"

Roxani Margariti

"Fifteenth Century Interlopers in the Red Sea"

John Meloy

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