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Yemen Update

The Yemen Update (YU) publishes research in any field of Yemeni Studies, this includes professional articles both in English and Arabic, book reviews, fellowship reports, and more. This is just one way that the American Institute for Yemeni Studies promotes Yemeni Studies and supports the work of our fellows, members, and other prominent scholars.

If you'd like your work to be published in the YU, please submit it to the Editor. Decisions on publication are made by the editors. If you are submitting photographs or any digital media along with your work, please make sure you have permission to do so and the correct citations and credit mentions. All rights remain with the author. If you have questions, please contact the editor.

Yemen Update was the official Bulletin of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies. It started out as AIYS Newsletter in January, 1979 with a first issue of 8 pages. This remained a small newsletter with information about research in Yemen and a few short articles until Jon Mandaville took over as editor in July 1985 (issue #18), expanding it to include more bibliographic information, longer articles and an Arabic section. By the end of 1989 this newsletter had reached 30 plus pages per issue.

In 1991 Dan Varisco became editor (issue #28/29) and changed the name to Yemen Update. In 1992 the newsletter became a bulletin with most issues averaging 48 pages. In 1993 the section "Index Yemenicus" began as a guide to new publications on Yemen. It ceased publication after 2009, but is available here on the AIYS Website.

The American Institute for Yemeni Studies has been instrumental in supporting and sharing Yemeni Studies since its inception in 1978 and we felt it was the perfect time to reflect on where we've been and where we are today. This incredible retrospective issue includes reflections from our founder, Mac Gibson, former president, Daniel Varisco, and many more. Find a PDF of this issue here.

Table of Contents:

Membership Information:  Page 1

President's Statement: Page 2

Resident Director's Statement: Page 3

AIYS History: Page 6

In Memoriam: Page 19

Reflections: Page 27

Archive: Page 41

Previous Editions

3 Articles, 3 Reviews


5 Articles, 2 Reviews


3 Articles, 3 Reviews, 14 Fellows Narratives


By Zayd Mutee' Dammaj

Reviewed by Steven C. Canton in the 1995 Yemen Update

The Hostage - Reviewed by Steven C. Canton.jpg

Article by D. Robbins in the 1993 Yemen Update


6 Articles, 3 Reviews


4 Articles, 3 Reviews


Article by Bernard Haykel from the 1995 Yemen Update

A Zaydi Revival - Bernard Haykel.jpg

Article by Daniel Martin Varisco from the 1991 Yemen Update

Observations on the Baboons in the Garden of the 'Bostan Restaurant' - Dan Varisco.jpg
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