برامج الزمالات الاكاديمية

2019 Yemen Fellows

The American Institute for Yemeni Studies (AIYS) annually holds two competitions for fellowship programs supporting research on Yemen, one for U.S. citizens, presently limited to venues other than Yemen, and one for citizens of the Republic of Yemen.  Both are funded by grants from the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Fellowships for Yemeni scholars are also funded by the Al-Eryani Scholarship Fund. AIYS is currently accepting applications for the 2023 Fellowship Awards.

The next deadline for all fellowships is February 8, 2023.


AIYS supports Yemeni scholars through small grants (up to $1,500) for research.


Citizens of Yemen who are enrolled as full-time graduate students in recognized degree programs, who are post-graduate professionals or who are acknowledged experts.

General Guidelines and Requirements

AIYS gives grants of up to $1,500 for original scholarly research projects in Yemen in any discipline,with a focus on issues related to Yemen’s rich cultural heritage.

  1. Applicants should provide a detailed project budget justifying the amount requested.  Preference will be given to applications which explain clearly how AIYS funding will be used for research purposes.

  2. The level of funding will be decided by AIYS.

  3. Upon completion of the project, the applicant must provide a final report (3 to 8 pages) in Arabic or English.

  4. Upon completion the researcher must submit a financial accounting of how the research funds provided by AIYS were spent.

  5. Publications resulting from this project should acknowledge the support of AIYS.

  6. Researchers are responsible for obtaining necessary research permits.


In addition to the application form, applicants must email a CV, two letters of reference, a separate detailed budget, and a research proposal of not more than four pages to the Institute at before February 8, 2003.

يدعم المعهد الاميركي للدراسات اليمنية الباحثين اليمنيين من خلال تقديم منح صغيرة

 ( تصل الى 1,500 دولار اميركي) لكل بحث.

من يحق له التقدم بطلب المنح:
الطلاب اليمنيين الملتحقين في برامج الدراسة الجامعية المعتمدة, والباحثين المحترفين من خريجي الجامعات  او الخبراء المعترف بهم.

ارشادات وشروط عامة:
يقدم المعهد الأميركي  للدراسات اليمنية منح مالية تصل الي 1,500 دولار لمشاريع البحوث الجديدة في اليمن في أي مجال, مع التركيز على القضايا المتعلقة بموروث اليمن الثقافي الغني.

- 1 يجب أن يقدم طالبي المنحة ميزانية مشروع بحث مفصلة تبرر المبلغ المطلوب. ستعطى الافضلية للطلبات التي تشرح بشكل واضح كيف سيتم استخدام تمويل المعهد الأميركي لأغراض البحث.

- 2 مستوى التمويل سيتم تحديده من قبل المعهد الأميركي للدراسات اليمنية.

3- عند انجاز المشروع يجب على طالب المنحة تقديم تقرير نهائي ( من 3 الي 8 صفحات) باللغة العربية او الإنجليزية.

- 4 عند اكمال البحث يجب على الباحث تقديم بيان مالي يبين فيه كيف تم صرف المال المقدم من المعهد الاميركي للدراسات اليمنية.

-5 يجب أن تتضمن كل المنشورات الناتجة عن هذا البحث اعترافا بالدعم المقدم من المعهد الاميركي.

6 - تقع مسؤولية الحصول على التراخيص الضرورية للبحث على عاتق الباحثين.

تقديم الطلب: إضافة الى استمارة الطلب يجب على طالبي المنحة أن يرسلوا عبر الاميل سيرة ذاتية,

رسالتي تزكية, ميزانية تفصيلية للمشروع في وثيقة مستقلة,  تصور لمشروع البحث بما لا يزيد عن أربع

صفحات الى المعهد الاميركي قبل فبراير ٨، ٢٠٢٢

 على العنواني التالي




Support for this program comes from a grant from the State Department’s Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs (State/ECA) through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC).


U.S. citizens who are enrolled as full-time graduate students in recognized degree programs or who are post-graduate professionals.

General Fellowship Program

Proposals are invited from graduate and post-graduate scholars in all disciplines. Collaborative or group projects are also invited. Although there is currently a travel ban for using AIYS fellowships for funds within Yemen, a project related to Yemen but outside Yemen or the United States can be funded. For example, it would be possible documents on Yemen in the archives of Great Britain or Yemeni manuscripts in a European library.

Projects are not normally funded above $5,000. Applicants may need to secure additional funding for other expenses or for extended research periods, but in the case of multiple awards AIYS reserves the right to modify or cancel its fellowship offer.

Researchers whose projects will take them to more than one country are advised to consider applying to CAORC’s Multi-Country Fellowship Program as well as to AIYS.

How to Apply for an AIYS Fellowship

Non-AIYS members are encouraged to become an AIYS member; click here to become a member (for $25).

Click here for the application form.

After completing the form, you can click the and complete the word document and email it along with the following documents to or fill out the application online here by February 8, 2022.

  1. A Research Proposal (not more than 2,000 words)

  2. Detailed Budget Proposal

  3. Current CV or Resume

  4. Three letters of support

  5. Graduate students must also send a scanned copy of their transcripts.

Click DOCX for the Yemeni

Fellowship Application Form

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Fellowship Application