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AIYS publications are produced with the aid of subventions provided by successive program grants from the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Efforts are underway to provide digital copies, since many of the publications re out of print.

Yemen Bibliography Series
1. Studies on Yemen, 1975-1990: A Bibliography of European Language Sources for Social Scientists, compiled by Thomas B. Stevenson, 1994 (xx+197 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-01-8.

Yemen Development Series
1. Yemeni Agriculture and Economic Change: Case Studies of Two Highland Regions, by Sheila Carapico and Richard Tutwiler, 1981 (x+191 pp.).

2. Bibliography on Women in Yemen, by Joke Buringa (edited by Marta Colburn), 1992 (158 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-00-X. 

Yemen Translation Series
1. My Journey through Arhab and Hashid, by Eduard Glaser (translated by David Warburton), 1993 (xi+31 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-02-6. 

2. Visits and Customs: The Visit to the Tomb of the Prophet Hud, by Shaykh 'Abdalgadir Muhammad al-Sabban (translated by Linda Boxberger and Awad Abdelrahim Abu Hulayqa, with an introduction by Linda Boxberger; identical text in English and Arabic), 1999 (iii+44+57 pp., 7 plates). ISBN: 1-882557-06-9. 

3. City of Divine and Earthly Joys: The Description of San'a', by Sayyid Jamal al-Din 'Ali ibn 'Abdullah ibn al-Qasim ibn al-Mu'ayyad bi'llah Muhammad ibn al-Qasim ibn Muhammad al-Shahari (translated into English by Tim Mackintosh-Smith from the Arabic text edited by 'Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Hibshi). 2001 (xii+34 pp.). ISBN: 1-882557-07-7. 

4. The Book of Sana'a (Kitab San'a), by Dr. 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Maqali (rev. Arabic version of the edition published in 2000 by Riad el-Rayyes Books; translated into English by Bob Holman and Samuel Liebhaber; introductions by S. Liebhaber, B. Holman, and Muhammad Abd al-Sallam Mansur, and annotations by Christopher Edens). 2004. ISBN 1-882-557-12-3.

5. An Introduction to Hijrahs and Other Refuges of Learning in Yemen, by al-Qadi Isma'il ibn 'Ali al-Akwa' (translated into English and introduced by Tim Mackintosh-Smith). 2009 (iv+62 pages). ISBN: 1-882557-15-8.

Miscellaneous Research and Documentation Publications


• The 'al-Hasan bin al-Qasim Mosque Complex: An Architectural and Historical Overview of a Seventeenth Century Mosque in Dhuran, Yemen, by Bruce Paluck and Rayya Saggar. Text in English and French with complete Arabic translation; published jointly by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies and the Centre Français d'Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales de Sanaa Sana'a: AIYS, 2002 (28 + 35 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-10-7. 

• Social Issues in Popular Yemeni Culture, by Abd al-Rahman Mutahhar. Arabic text, plus translation into English edited and annotated by Janet C.E. Watson. Sana'a: Social Fund for Development, 2002. $18.

• Visions of Yemen: A Filmography, by Thomas B. Stevenson. Ardmore PA: AIYS, 2003 (64 pp., illustr.). ISBN 1-882557-11-5. 

• From the Queen of Sheba to the Republic of Yemen: K-12 Resource Guide and Classroom Ideas, by Marta Colburn. Ardmore PA: AIYS, 2006 (209pp+26pls). ISBN 1-882557-13-1.


Yemen Update was published from 1988 until 2009. It was preceded by the AIYS Bulletin.

Yemen Research Series

Translations of Western-language research into Arabic. Books in this series are primarily intended for distribution in Yemen.

1. Political Studies on Yemen, 1990-1994 (edited by Abdu Hamood Al-Sharif), 1996 (ii+222 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-03-4. 

2. Studies on the Ethnology of Yemen (edited by Lucine Taminian with the assistance of Abdul Karim Al-Aug). 1997 (320 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-04-2. 

3. Studies on Women in Yemen (edited by Lucine Taminian). 1997 (292 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-05-0. 

4. North American Contributions to the Archaeology of Yemen (edited by Noha Sadek). 2002 (viii+365 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-08-1. 

5. Studies on Medieval Yemen (edited by Noha Sadek). 2002 (212 pp.). ISBN 1-882557-09-3. 

6. Challenging the Familiar: Anthropological and Historical Studies of Yemen (translated and edited by Lucine Taminian). December 2006. ISBN 1-882557-14-X.

Arabic Books


Ma'ālim al-zirā‘a fī al-Yaman ("Agricultural Knowledge in Yemen"), by Yahya Al-Ansi. Sana'a: Published jointly by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies and the Centre Français d'Études Yéménites. Arabic text. Volume 1, 1998 (iii+589 pp.; distributed by the French Center); volume 2: 2003, (200 pp).

For Arabic books published in the The Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh Book Award for Yemeni Heritage, click here.

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