The Walters Art Gallery, located in Baltimore, Maryland, has placed most of its art objects, including manuscript pages, online.

There are over some 489 images of items in the Museum said to be related to Yemen, mostly Yemeni jewelry, although many of these do not appear to have anything to do with Yemen. But it is certainly worth looking at the site for the jewelry. Below is one of the items, a silver janbiyya.

There is also a modern forgery of South Arabic script...

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One of the most important late 19th century travelers to Yemen was the Austrian Eduard Glaser, who commented on life in the late Ottoman era and collected South Arabian inscriptions and antiquities. His work is archived in several places in Vienna. In the Kunsthistorische Museum there is a small collection of South Arabian art that he collected. I visited this collection in 2018 and provide several pictures of what can be seen.

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Yemen was the earliest part of the Middle East where coffee was grown and exported from. Here is a video narrated by Farshid Enami on the Khamsin Islamic Art History Online website.

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