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The Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh Book Award for Yemeni Heritage:
Book Award Recipients

جائزة عبد العزيز المقالح لطباعة الكتاب في التراث والثقافة  اليمنية


A PDF of each Book Award publication is available to scholars outside Yemen, since it is not possible to ship copies outside Yemen at this time.  Individuals outside of Yemen may obtain a pdf copy of the text by making a donation of at least $25 to AIYS. The proceeds from the donation will be used to support future book awards.

How to Order a PDF copy and support future Book Awards:

  1. Look through our book award recipients below and decide which one you want

  2. Make your donation here:

  3. Notify the AIYS Webshaykh ( that you have made your donation and which book you would like to receive. You will be sent your PDF soon after.

  4. Important Note: We ask that you do not distribute the pdf but let others know that they can order their own copy with a donation. This will ensure that we can continue to provide funding for future book awards to Yemeni scholars in Yemen.

Most Recent Book Award Recipient:

2023 Award

Ahmad Sharf Sa'id Al-Hakimi

معجم لغوي في لهجة المعافر وتراثها

(The Lexicon of Al-Ma'fer Dialect and its Heritage)
Reflecting years of careful dialectal study in the central highlands Al-Ma`fer region that today includes Ta`izz and regions of the Red Sea Coast in Southwestern Arabia, Dr. Al-Hakimi’s three-volume lexicon offers an extraordinary inventory of approximately four thousand five-hundred words and expressions. Scholars engaged in studies of social history, agriculture, architecture, urbanization, economics, religion, literature and daily ritual activities of all sorts will rejoice at having access to this work. Especially welcome are the author’s annotations comparing vernacular words to usages recorded in classical Arabic sources and Semitic grammars documented elsewhere.

Past Awardees:

2022 Awardees

Ṣālih Aḥmad Ṣāliḥ al-Faqīh
al-‘Imāra al-madaniyya al-‘Uthmāniyya fī madīnat Ṣan‘ā' (Ottoman Civil Architecture in the City of Ṣan‘ā')

This is a study of Ottoman architecture in Ṣan‘ā' which has received limited attention. The first Ottoman occupation of Yemen was between 945/1538-1045/1635 and the second between 1265/1849-1337/1918. This work documents health facilities, hot baths, the military hospital, administrative, educational, public services, market buildings, wells and other architectural features. It also contains numerous diagrams and photographs.


Muḥammad ‘Abd al-Raḥīm Jāzim, editor
Ṣifat bilād al-Yaman wa-Makka wa-ba‘ḍ al-Hijāz

(Description of Yemen, Mecca and Parts of the Hejaz)

This is a new Arabic edition of a major early 13th century travel book on Yemen and Mecca. by Ibn al-Mujāwir. The original Arabic edition was edited by Oscar Löfgren in 1954 and published in Leiden with a number of reprints later on. In 2008 Rex Smith translated the Löfgren edition for the Hakluyt Society.

This new annotated edition was researched by the editor with visits to several of the places mentioned by the author.


2021 Awardee

Ḥusayn Abū Bakr al-‘Aydarūs
al-Rusūm al-ādamiyya al-ṣakhriyya fī al-Yaman al-qadīm
(Human Rock Art Images in Ancient Yemen)

The book is based on the author's Ph.D. dissertation in the Department of Archaeology at Ṣan‘ā' University. The book focuses on the rock art found in ancient Yemen and how to interpret these drawings based on ancient Yemeni religious beliefs and mythology.


2020 Award
Muḥammad ‘Abd al-Raḥīm Jāzim
al-Ḥaṣād al-Mubakkir
(Early Gleanings)



Index to Vol. 1


Index to Vol. 2

2019 Award
Aḥmad al-Gabalī
Qāmūs al-‘urf al-qabalī fī al-Yaman
(Tribal Customary Law in Yemen)



To see the Table of Contents, click here.


Aḥmad al-Gabalī and Salwa Dammāj

in the Ṣan‘ā' office


Dr Salwa Dammaj, Dr Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, Ahmed al-Gabali, Abdulbari Taher, left to right.


Index to Vol. 3

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