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Recent Articles by AIYS Members

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Amariyya Madrasa in Rada‘


Lavin, Gabriel (2020 US Scholars Fellow)

Mahdi, Waleed F.

Peutz, Nathalie

Sadek, Noha

Varisco, Daniel Martin

  • Agricultural Crops in South Arabia/Yemen in the First Millennium CE. Vegetation History and Archaeology Online First


al-Haj, Mohamed Saleh and Filson, Lily

  • Ibb's Grand Mosque: Heritage at Risk in Yemen's Hinterland. International Journal of Islamic Architecture. 11(2):411-428


Feierstein, Gerald M.


Johnsen, Gregory D.

Lackner, Helen


Mahoney, Daniel

Miller, Flagg

  • Muslim Hunger Strikes as Secular Critique in Yemen. Journal of Religion and Violence, 229-257. DOI: 10.5840/ jrv202242594

Orkaby, Asher

  • Revolutionary Decades: Yemeni National Memory, 1962–2012. The Middle East Journal 76(1:)29-49. DOI:

Schmitz, Charles

  • Huthi visions of the state: A Huthi republic with an unofficial imam. The Huthi Movement in Yemen: Ideology, Ambition and Security in the Arab Gulf,  A. Hamidaddin, ed.,199-216. London, ISBN: 978-07-55-64428-5


Varisco, Daniel Martin

  • Nûr al-ma‘ârif: A Late Thirteenth Century Rasulid Court Archive. In Hassan Ansari and Sabine Schmidtke, eds, Yemeni Manuscript Cultures in Peril, 213-233. New Jersey: Gorgias Press.


Adra, Najwa

  • Qabyalah or What Does It Mean to be Tribal in Yemen. In Tribes in Modern Yemen: An Anthology, Marieke Brandt, ed., 21-38. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Sammlung Eduard Glaser XVIII. Online at

  • Decolonizing Tribal "Genealogies" in the Middle East and North Africa. International Journal of Middle East Studies 53:492-496.

Al-Hamdani, Raiman

  • Yemen in the Biden era: How Europe and the US can press for peace.


Caton, Steven C.


Kenney, Ellen

  • Treasuring Yemen: Notes on Exchange and Collection in Rasūlid Material Culture. Der Islam 98(1):27-68.


Mahdi, Waleed F.

  • Echoes of a Scream: US Drones and Articulations of the Houthi Sarkha Slogan in Yemen. In Cultural Production and Social Movements After the Arab Spring: Nationalism, Politics and Transnational Identity. Eid Mohamed and Ayman El Desouky, eds. 205-221. London: I. B. Tauris.

Mahoney, Daniel

  • Evolving Rasūlid Narratives of Opposition to Sultan al-Manṣūr Nūr al-Dīn ‘Umar (d. 647/1250) in Yemen. Der Islam 98(1):153-174.

Margariti, Roxani Eleni

  • The Rasūlids and the Bountiful Sea: Marine Resources, State Control, and Maritime Culture in the Southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Der Islam 98(1):69-99.

Moorthy Kloss, Magdalena

  • Eunuchs at the Service of Yemen's Rasūlid Dynasty (626-858/1229-1454). Der Islam 98(1):6-26.

Peutz, Nathalie

  • Free Citizen to Real Refugee: Yemeni  Minorities at the Margins in 2011 and 2021. Items: Insights from the Social Sciences

  • Crisis as Preexisting Condition: Yemen Between Cholera, Coronavirus, and Starvation. In Pandemic Exposures: Economy and Society in the Time of Coronavirus, Didier Fassin and Marion Fourcade, eds., pp. 295-319. Chicago: Hau Books.


Schmitz, Charles

  • The Politics of Tribal Perseverance. International Journal of Middle East Studies 53:497-501.

  • A Parasitic Political Economy. In Building a New Yemen, Amat al-Alim Alsoswa and Noel Brehony, editors,119-135. London: I. B. Tauris

Varisco, Daniel Martin


Al-Hamdani, Raiman and Helen Lackner


Caton, Steven C.

  • New Old Imperialisms in the Arabian Peninsula. In History of the Present, 10 (1): 101–116. Special Issue, Empires Off-Center


Liebhaber, Sam

  • Messages, Texts , and Rhetorical Detachment in Contemporary Mahri Poetry. Revista de Filología Hispánica (RILCE) 36 vol. 4:1403-14.


Peutz, Nathalie

  •  Gate of Tears. The Berlin Journal, a magazine from the American Academy in Berlin 34: 64–66.

Philbrick Yadov, Stacey

Varisco, Daniel Martin

  • Review of: Al-Malik al-Afḍal al-ʿAbbās b. ʿAlī b. Dāwūd al-Rasūlī, Bughyat al-fallāḥīn fī al-ashjār al-muthmira wa-l-rayāḥīn. Edited by Khālid Khalfān b. Nāṣir al-Wahībī (Damascus: Dār al-Farqad, 2016). Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā 28: 443-447.

  • [Authors: Luke R. Tembrock, Mark P. Simmons, Christopher M. Richards, Patrick A. Reeves, Ann Reilley, Manuel A. Curto, Harald Meimberg, Grace Ngugi, Sebsebe Demissew, Abdul Wali Al Khulaidi, Mansoor Al-Thobhani, Sheron Simpson, and Daniel M. Varisco]  Clonal Diversity, Cultivar Traits, Geographic Dispersal, and the Ethnotaxonomy of Cultivated Qat (Catha edulis, Celastracaea).
    Economic Botany 74(3)273-291.



Peutz, Nathalie

• The Fault of our Grandfathers: Yemen's Third Generation Migrants Seeking Refuge from Displacement. International Journal of Middle East Studies 51(3):357-376.

• Markazi: A Camp at a Crossroads. Europe Now. Council for European Studies (CES), Issue 25.


Philbrick Yadov, Stacey

• Toward a Just Peace in Yemen. [with Jillian Schwedler]. Middle East Report, 289 (Winter), 2-7.

• Fragmentation, Disintegration, and Reintegration in Yemen: Assessing the Islamist
Field. Middle Eastern Law and Governance, forthcoming.
• Republic of Yemen.” In Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa. 9th edition. Sean L. Yom, ed.London: Routledge Press.
• The Fight for Yemen. Middle East Report, # 298 (contributing editor). 

• Yemen Offers Lessons at Different Scales. APSA-MENA Newsletter 2 (1): 36-41.


Sagaria Rossi, V. & Sabine Schmidtke

The Zaydi Manuscript Tradition (ZMT) Project. Digitizing the Collections of Yemeni Manuscripts in Italian Libraries. Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies (COMSt) Bulletin 5/1:43-60.


Varisco, Daniel Martin

• Pumping Yemen Dry: A History of Yemen’s Water Crisis. Human Ecology 47:317-329.

• When the State becomes a Non-State: Yemen between the Huthis, Hirak and al- Qa‘ida. In Violent Radical Movements in the Arab World: The Ideology and Politics of Non-State Actors. In Peter Sluglett, Victor Kattan, eds., 137-160. London: I.B. Tauris.

• The Yemeni Connection. In Cosmos Coffee, Melanie Jahreis, Sara Marquart, Nina Möllers, eds.,  110-113. Munich: Deutsches Museum.


Adra, Najwa

• Tales from al-Ahjur. Yemen Cultural Institute for Heritage and the Arts.
Online at


Carapico, Sheila

• War and De-development. In POMEPS, 29. Online at:


Mahoney, Dan

• Writing the Ethnic Origins of the Rasulids in Late Medieval South Arabia. The Medieval History Journal 21(2):1-20.

Philbrick Yadov, Stacey

• Ethnography is an Option: Learning to Learn in/through Practice. In Political Science Research in the Middle East and North Africa: Methodological and Ethical Challenges. Janine A. Clark and Francesco Cavatorta, eds. Oxford University Press, 165-175.
• (Re)constituting Community: Takfir and Institutional Design in Tunisia and Yemen. [with Ian M. Hartshorn] Terrorism and Political Violence 30 (1):
• Fragmentation and Localization in Yemen’s War: Challenges and Opportunities for Peace. Crown Center for Middle East Studies, Policy Brief 128,  November.
• Politics, Governance, and Reconstruction in Yemen. POMEPS Studies, 29. Washington, DC: Project on Middle East Political Science. (Editor and contributor)


Schmitz, Charles

• Yemeni Economy. In The Middle East and North Africa 2018. N.Y.: Routledge.

• Yemen, the Forgotten Conflict. OASIS International Foundation of Milan. 14 September 2018. Online at:


Varisco, Daniel Martin

• Agriculture in the Northern Highlands of Yemen: From Subsistence to Cash Cropping. Journal of Arabian Studies 8(2):171-192.

• The State of Agriculture in the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen, 1918-1962: A Documentary Overview. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften / Austrian Academy of Sciences, AAS WORKING PAPERS IN SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Volume 32. Online at


Alaug, Abdul Karim

  •  Tribal Engagement in the Yemen National Dialogue Conference: Anthropological Perspective. Journal of the Faculty of Arts & Social Science, Sana'a University, issue no. 38, 178-206.


Carapico, Sheila

• Perspective: Arabia Infelix: The War Devouring Yemen. Current History 116(794):360-362.


Khalidi, Lamya

The Destruction of Yemen and Its Cultural Heritage. International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 49(4):735-738.


Mackintosh-Smith, Tim

Paradise Built: al-Shahari's Description of Sanaa in Twelfth/Eighteenth Century. in Architectural Heritage of Yemen: Buildings that Fill my Eye. London: Gingko Library.

Mahoney, Dan

The Role of Horses in the Politics of Late Medieval South Arabia. Arabian Humanities 8. Online at


Peutz, Nathalie

Heritage in (the) Ruins. International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 49(4):721-728.


Philbrick Yadov, Stacey

• Yemen. In Rethinking Political Islam, Shadi Hamid and Will McCants, eds, 88-100. Oxford University Press.
• Sectarianization, Islamist Republicanism, and International Misrecognition in Yemen. In Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East, edited by Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel. Oxford University Press, 185-198.
• The Ties That Bind: Interview with Rabyaah al-Thaibani. Middle East Report, 281.


Schmitz, Charles

• Yemen’s Importance to Saudi Arabia. The Cipher Brief, 24 Feb 2017. Online at:

Varisco, Daniel Martin

• Yemen’s Tribal Idiom: An Ethno-Historical Survey of Genealogical Models. Journal of Semitic Studies LXII(1):217-241.

• Date Palm Production in Rasulid Yemen. Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg, Ulrich Haarmann Memorial Lecture, 14. Berlin: EB-Verlag.

• Conclusion: Searching for a Resolution. In Yemen and the Gulf States the Making of a Crisis, edited by Helen Lackner and Daniel Martin Varisco, 101-111. Berlin: Gerlach.

• [Authors: Luke R. Tembrock, Mark P. Simmons, Christopher M. Richards, Patrick A. Reeves, Ann Reilley, Manuel A. Curto, Harald Meimberg, Grace Ngugi, Sebsebe Demissew, Abdul Wali Al Khulaidi, Mansoor Al-Thobhani, Sheron Simpson, and Daniel M. Varisco] Phylogeography of the Wild and Cultivated Stimulant Plant Qat (Catha edulis, Celastraceae) in Areas of Historical Cultivation.American Journal of Botany 104(4):538–549.


Adra, Najwa

• Tribal Mediation and Empowered Women: Potential Contributions of Heritage to
National Development in Yemen. International Journal of Islamic Art 5(2):301-337.
• Tribalism. Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, Vol. 2, 2nd. Edition.
Richard C. Martin, ed., 1185-1188. Farmington HIlls, MI: Gale.
• Dance. Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, Vol. 2, 2nd Edition.
Richard C. Martin, ed, 276-279. Farmington HIlls, MI: Gale.

Mahdi, Waleed

• Post-Oriental Otherness: Hollywood’s Moral Geography of Arab Americans. Mashriq and Mahjar: Journal of Middle East Migration Studies, 3, no. 2, 35-61, 2016.

• Youth and Revolution: A Call to Reform Higher Education in Yemen.  [co-edited chapter with Abulghani Al-Hattami]. In Education and the Arab Spring: Resistance, Reform, and Democracy, editors, Hannah Gerber, and Slimane Aboulkacem, eds., 83-94. Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

• Liberal or Imperial: U.S. Discursive Formations of the Muslim Image.  In Transformation of the Muslim World in the 21st Century, editor, Muhammed Huseyin Mercan, Cambridge Scholar Publishing, 49-62.


Mahoney, Dan

• The Political Agency of Kurds as an Ethnic Group in Late Medieval South Arabia. Medieval Worlds 3: 146-157.


The Political Construction of a Tribal Genealogy from Early Medieval South Arabia.  In Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia, E. Hovden, C. Lutter, and W. Pohl, eds., 163-182. Leiden: Brill.

• Ceramic Production in the Yemeni Central Highlands during the Islamic Period.  In Landscapes of the Islamic World: Archaeology, History, and Ethnography, S. McPhllips and P. Wordsworth, eds., 129-142. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.


Messick, Brinkley

• Islamic Texts: The Anthropologist as Reader. In Islamic Studies in the Twenty-First Century, Buskens and A. van Sandwijk, eds., 29-46. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.


Schmitz, Charles

• Yemen Factions, Saudi Arabia Escalate Aimless War. Middle East Institute, 11 Oct 2016 Online at
• Resources and Conflict in Yemen., Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Online at
• Why Yemen is not an American Priority. In Real Clear Politics. Online at  republished at the Middle East Institute
• The War in Yemen. with Paul Salem, September 2016 a podcast by the Middle East Institute. Online at
• There are no Clear Winners in the Saudi War on Yemen. with Kourosh Ziabari, The Fair Observer. Online at:


Adra, Najwa

• Don’t Throw Out the Baby With Social Evolution: Revisiting “Tribe” in the Middle
East and North Africa. Anthropology News, November-December.
• Insight on Conflict. After the Bombing: Can Tribal Institutions Help Rebuild
Yemen? Online at


Philbrick Yadov, Stacey

• The ‘Yemen Model’ as a Failure of Political Imagination. International Journal of Middle East Studies​ 47 (1): 144-147.
• Eroding Adaptability Among Yemen’s Muslim Brothers. In Rethinking Political Islam: Islamists Respond to a Changing Landscape. Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution.


Varisco, Daniel Martin

• The Sectarian Crisis in Yemen: Damage from a Divisive Storm [with Sato-Kan Hiroshi and Junji Kawashima], Middle East Institute Online. Online at:

• Pars Pro Toto Observation: Historical Anthropology in the Textual Field of Rasulid Yemen. History and Anthropology 26(1):92-109.

• Drone Strikes in the War on Terror: The Case of Post-Arab-Spring Yemen. Gulf Studies Center Monograph Series, No. 1.  Doha: Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University.  Pdf online at

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