One of the indigenous forms of Arabic poetry in Yemen is called ḥumaynī. For those who have not read the chronicle of Yaḥya b. al-Ḥusayn (d. 1100/1689) entitled Ghāyat al-amānī, it might be of interest to note that he claims the first appearance of this poetic form in the year 838/1434-5. This reference appears to be to the first collection of this poetry, since such a local form would not originally have been written. I attach the relevant pages from the edited text by Muḥammad al-Akwa‘ published in 1388/1968 in Cairo.

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In 1954 Britain's young Queen Elizabeth visited the port of Aden, then a British protectorate. There is a short Pathe newsreel available on Youtube about the event. The queen was on a worldwide tour, said to be the first by a reigning monarch. On the 60th anniversary of the visit, a commemorative video was issued by the queen. This is one of several online newsreels by Pathe about Aden.

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The Italian scholar Giovanni Canova recently (2019) published a book of photographs he took in Yemen during the 1980s. Here are just a few of his photos.

The village of Baraddun

Bara‘ dance in Husn Kulayb

Plowing with camel on the Rasa plain

Winnowing grain in Baraddun

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