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Yemeni Books on Yafi and Poetry

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Download links of the books of Dr. Ali Saleh Alkhalaki. An integrated library with dozens of books is available at your fingertips. A gift for researchers, interested, and readers with the sincere appreciation of the author. ----------------------------------- 1- Southern Arab tribes in Egypt (Al-Mahra-Hazramout-Yafi) 2- The common one of the proverbs of Jafi. The first edition. Aden University House for Printing and Publication, Third Edition, Extended and Revised. 3- Marriage customs and traditions, and songs in Yafi, first edition. 2006 4- "The paralyze of wonder.. Shal-Dan" Diwan Yahya Omar Al-Yafi and his biography, third edition, revised and extended. 5- Wisdom poet Saleh Sind "The best of the best", 2006. 6- Farasa a poet who recorded himself - the truth of what happened between Al-Khaledi and Qifi from poems, 2006. 7- Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar Al-Naqeeb.. His life and martyrdom in documents and poems, 2007. 8- Ahmed Mohamed Hajib - a fighter from the ranks of the people, 2008 9- "Flags of folk poetry in Jafi, Abadi center 2009 10- Al-Hakim Falah Al-Hamid bin Mansour - his personality and sayings. Second Edition, 2011 11-1 A dictionary accent and heritage of the story of a donkey - Yafe, and pieces of her heritage. First edition 2012 12- Stone architecture in Jafi, Aden University, 2014 13- Traditional weapons in Yemeni folk poetry, 2020 14- Dictionary of Ancestors and Tribal Customs in Jaffa, 2020 15- Popular beliefs in Jaffa, 2020 16- Bin Qomla Wahabi campaign on Hadramout (13 AH/19 century) 2021 17- The Brekk-Cassadian conflict in historical documents published for the first time, 2021 Translated articles from Russian language: 18- Socotry .. That's where the phoenix was sent Composed by: Vitaly Naomkin, Translated by: D. Ali Saleh Al-Khaliqi, Aden University House for Printing and Publication, 1999 19- The customs and traditions of Western Hadhramout. Written by: Mikhail Rudionov, Translated by: D. In the favor of the Creator, 20- The Socotrians ... Ethnographic-Historical Studies, Written by: Vitaly Naomkin, Translated by: Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Khaliqi, Aden University House for Printing and Publication 2014 Collect and submit the following tasks: 1- "Harvest of Destiny" by the popular poet Yahya Al-Fardy 2003 2- "Sanbahi and Khaledi Records" 2005 3- "The rain of rain" by the poet Abdullah Omar Al-Mattari 2006 4- "Constitution of hobby and art" poetry by Shaif Mohammad Al-Khaledi 2007 5- "Salem Ali Qal" by the poet Salem Ali Mahboush 2007 6- "Bin Nasser Majmal says" by poet Muhammad Nasser bin Majmal 2007 7- "Al-Kahali and Khaledi Records" 2008 8- "The Exploding Spring" by the poet Yahya Al-Fardy 2008 9- "Honesty is a comfort" by the poet Mohamed Salem Al-Kahali 2008 10- "Popular Zamel" by poet Shaif Al-Khaledi 2008 11- "The Winding Walk" by the poet Mohammed Ahmed Aldehboush 12- "A poet confronts more than a hundred poets", Abadi Center 2009 13- "Full of Meaning" by poet Amin Al-Kaldi 2009 14- "Abandoned Harbor" by poet Muhammad Abdullah bin Shehoun 2010 AD 15- "Lost will" by the poet Hussein Abdul Rab bin Dinesh Al-Qaiti 2011 16- "Hot encounters with dozens of poets" by poet Mohammed Salem Al-Kahali, 2011 17- The poet of enthusiasm and pride, Sheikh Rajah Haitham bin Sabaa 2012 18 - The most amazing things said in tribal messages between the poets Abdulqawi Ahmed Al-Saadi and Ali Muhammad bin Sheikh 2013. 19- Khaldiyat poet Shaif Muhammad Al-Khaledi (poems and verses), 2014 20- "Sorry for the disturbance" by poet Khaled Mohammed Al-Qaity, 2015 21- "Imran Al-Fadai and the Human" Memories of the fighter Saleh Fadel Salahi, composed by Dr. Mohamed Saleh Fadel Saleh. Reviewed, presented and directed by: D In the favor of the creator. Revised second edition 22- "Memories of Struggle and National Work" by the fighter Youssef Abdullah Saad Al-Qaiti, 2016 23- The front knight, martyr general corner Muhammad Saleh Tamah, 2018 24- Martyr commander Munir Mahmoud Al-Yafi "Abu Al-Imama - Lion of the South.. The conqueror of terrorism, 2019 25- Taj Qawafi, poems, massages and poems by the popular poet Yahya Mohamed Al-Fardy, 2020 26- In Eastern Yemen, Yafi, to historian Salah Al-Bakri, presented by Dr. Ali Al-Khalaqi 27- Qasim Abdulrahman bin Salah .. A businessman dedicated his life to struggle 28- Bouakir massages of the poet Shaif Al-Khaledi (1950-1970) 29- 27 - Lion of Eden.. The deceased commander, Engineer Maane Saleh Talib Al-Omri 30- Captain bridges .. Saif Ali Saleh Al-Afif (Sukra) 31- D. In the favor of the creator.. A fountain of giving flowing in history and heritage - honored by the southern community in America 2022 · ·

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