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New Article on Disabled Girls in Yemen

There is a new Arabic article just posted in Yemen Update Online. The author is Ghazlān Muhammad Ahmad al-Hatim, who received an AIYS Yemeni fellowship in 2018.

This is entitled:

الارشاد التربية في مجال رعاية وتاهيل الفتيات المعاقات في الريف اليمني واقع التجربة اليمنية في ضوء تجارب وخبرات

بعض الدول ... مصر والولايات المتحدة الامريكيى إنموذجاً

This article in Arabic is an M.A. thesis that discusses the issues of care and rehabilitation of disabled girls in rural Yemen. Yemen is compared with experiences and expertise in several other countries, including Egypt and the United States.

To download a pdf of this new article, go to

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