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Yemeni Fashion in 1873

It is rare to find photographs of Yemenis in the 19th century, especially ordinary people and not members of the elite. A series of photographs were taken of individuals within the Ottoman Empire for a book entitled Les Costumes Populaires de la Turquie en 1873. This was compiled for the Turkish Imperial Commission for the Universal Exposition in Vienna. The book is available as a pdf at While only four individuals are identified as Yemeni, there are many other people across the empire in the photographs. The two photographs here, each with three individuals, are presented below, followed by the description of each in French.

left to right: Scholar in al-Ḥudayda (#1), woman of Ṣan‘ā' (#3),

middle-class man of al-Ḥudayda (#2)

left to right: Muslim woman of Mecca, merchant of Mocha,

young girl of Tripoli, Libya

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