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Flagg Miller with Yafi'i Community in NYC

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

On Saturday, June 25, AIYS Secretary Flagg Miller spoke to the Yafi'i community in NYC. Flagg conducted research in a Yafi'i community in Yemen and his original ethnography (2007) is recently available in Arabic translation. Speaking at the Yafa American Community Center, founded in Brooklyn in 2014, Flagg spoke about the translation and its relation to his evolving work on Yemen over the past few decades. His talk, delivered in Arabic, focused particularly on the ways in which poets in Yemen have helped to address political conflict and the importance of the Yemeni diaspora in supporting cultural innovation and the arts. Also speaking at the event was Dr. Ali Salih al-Khulaqi, author of multiple books on Yafi`i society and history and a board member of the Aden Centre for Historical Studies, Research and Publishing that coordinated the translation of the book.

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