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Bringing al-Hamdānī to Life

The Yemeni literary scholar Muqbil al-Tam al-Ahmadi is to be congratulated for his work reviving the work and legacy of the famous Yemeni savant al-Hamdānī (d. 334/945). His latest publications include several available on the website of the Arabia Felix Academy. These include the following:

For anyone unfamiliar with the work of al-Hamdānī in English, the Wikipedia article is a very poor introduction and should be avoided. There is a wealth of published literature in Arabic, including a study published in 1980 by Maḥmūd al-Ṣaghīrī for the Markaz al-Dirāsāt wa-al-Buḥūth al-Yamanī.

Information about al-Hamdānī online in Arabic is rather brief, but there are even a few Youtube videos. Many of his books are available online in pdf, for example the following:

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