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AIYS Member to Chair Session titled "Archaeology of Yemen" at the 2023 ASOR Annual Meeting

AIYS Member, Zaydoon Zaid (American Foundation for Cultural Research), will chair a session on archaeology of Yemen. This panel will allow for Yemeni colleagues in Yemen to share and present their work as well as to discuss the current state of cultural heritage sites and their preservation in the country.


Full Description:

Session Chairs: Zaydoon Zaid, American Foundation for Cultural Research; Will Raynolds, Heritage Conservation Program Director -The J.M. Kaplan Fund

This session provides Yemini colleagues from the Yemen Department of Antiquities (GOAM), local universities, law enforcement, civil society organizations and international scholars to present the latest results of archaeological work in Yemen.

This session will also provide opportunities to present and discuss the disturbing effects of the ongoing conflict on Yemen’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage and traditions.

The session will introduce the extraordinariness of Yemen’s past and highlight specific heritage sites and/or cultural traditions that have been destroyed, damaged, or threatened due to the country’s extended conflict. In addition, this session will highlight the problems surrounding cultural heritage preservation or sites in divided Yemen. It will show the need to ensure that Yemen’s cultural heritage is protected from additional destruction through both direct supports aimed at emergency preservation and longer-term programming that will help rebuild the capacities of the local Yemeni authorities responsible for sustained preservation and management.


The ASOR 2023 Annual Meeting will take place November 15th -18th and will have a hybrid format.

Learn more about this session and others here:

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