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Yemen Update was the official Bulletin of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies. It started out as AIYS Newsletter in January, 1979 with a first issue of 8 pages. This remained a small newsletter with information about research in Yemen and a few short articles until Jon Mandaville took over as editor in July 1985 (issue #18), expanding it to include more bibliographic information, longer articles and an Arabic section. By the end of 1989 this newsletter had reached 30 plus pages per issue.

In 1991 Dan Varisco became editor (issue #28/29) and changed the name to Yemen Update. In 1992 the newsletter became a bulletin with most issues averaging 48 pages. In 1993 the section "Index Yemenicus" began as a guide to new publications on Yemen. It ceased publication after 2009, but is available here on the AIYS Website.

INDEX 2003-2009

2009 (#51)


• Krista Lewis. "Masna'at maryah in Context: Recent Archaeological Research in the Dhamar Province", 14-19


• Charles Schmitz. "Notes on the Yemenis in Guantanamo", 6-13

• Matthew Saba.  "Poetry in Practice: A Literary Majlis in Sana'a", 20-22


• Weir, Shelagh. A Tribal Order: Politics and Law in the Mountains of Yemen, 23-25, reviewed by Charles Schmitz


• Ho, Engseng. The Graves of Tarim: Genealogy and Mobility Access the Indian Ocean, 26-28, reviewed by Charles Schmitz


• Wedeen, Lisa. Peripheral Visions: Publics, Power, and Performance in Yemen, 29-32, reviewed by Charles Schmitz

2006 (#48)


• Adra, Najwa.  "Bara' Bravado: The Semiotics of Dancing in the Highlands of Yemen", 52-55

• Brouwer, C.G. "To Decorate their Heads: Clove Cargoes in the Roads of al-Mukh during the Declining Years of Ottoman Rule (11th/17th c.), Registered by Dutch Traders", 11-31

• Caton, Steven.  "Water Management in the Sana'a Basin and the Crisis of State Legitimacy", 55-58

• Hepper, F. Nigel.  "Sodom Apple in Yemen", 67

• Huri, Yair.  "Ascending a Stairway of Letters: The Poetics of Dream Vision in the 'Book of Sana'a", 32-39

• Kemp, Peter and John Peterson. "In Memory of Leigh Douglas",  8-10



• Abdu, Rashid A., M.D. Journey of a Yemeni Boy. Pittsburgh: Dorrance Publishing, 2005. 

Reviewed by Robert Burrowes.

• Caton, Steven.  Peaks of Yemen I Summon: Poetry as Cultural Practice in a North Yemeni Tribe.  Berkeley: UC Press, 1990.

Reviewed by Najwa Adra.

• Glander, Annelies.  The Queen of Sheba's Round Table: A Study of the Most Favored Daughters of Eve. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2004. 

Reviewed by Carolyn Han.

2005 (#47)


• Bawazir, Abdallah. "Activities of the General Organization of the Antiquities and Museums, Yemen", 39-43

• Edens, C., G. Johnson, and K. A. al-Hijri.  "Interview with Qadi Isma'il al-Akwa'",  29-36

• Ransom, Margorie.  "My Research in Yemen: The Disappearing Tradition of Silver Jewelry", 14-22

• McCorriston, Joy. "Roots of Agriculture (RASA) Project 2005: A Season of Excavation and Survey in Wadi Sana'a, Hadramawt", 23-28

• Taminian, Lucine (trans.). "Stations of Bewilderment, A Poem by Ahmad al-'Awadi", 37-38


• Crawford, Peggy. An American in Yemen: Travel Notes of a Photographer.  

Reviewed by Richard Ellis, 45-46

• al-Salami, Khadija, with Charles Hoots.  The Tears of Sheba: Tales of Survival and Intrigue in Arabia.  

Reviewed by Lucine Taminian, 44-45.

2004 (#46)


• Abdu, Rashid A., M.D. "Progressive Change in Yemen's Medical Education: A Tour of the University of Science and Technology,Sana'a", 25-39.

• Elie, Serge. "Picnicking in Soqotra: An Apprentice Anthropologist's Ethnographic Account of an Excursion",16-20.


• Schmitz, Charles. "Yemeni Citizenship in a Transnational State", 20-24.


• Varisco, Daniel M. "Sailing Seasons in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean: The View from Rasulid ( 13th - 14th Centuries) Aden", 10-1 5.


• Ahroni, Reuben. Jewish Emigration from the Yemen 1951-1998: Carpet Without Magic.  R

eviewed by Thomas B. Stevenson, 40-42.

• Colburn, Marta. The Republic of Yemen: Development Challenges in the 21st Century 

Reviewed by Delores M. Walters, 43-48.

• de Regt, Marina. Pioneers or Pawns? Women Health Workers and the Politics of Development in Yemen.

Reviewed by Delores M. Walters, 43-48.


Yemen Update Redux
(Archive of old YU articles)

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2003 (#45)


• Al-Radi, Selma (James Conlon and Pamela Jerome).
"Documentation of the Tarimi Palaces, 2002-2003: Qasr al ‘Ishshah", 9-22. 

• Edens, Christopher M. and Heidi Ekstrom. "Prehistoric Agriculture in Highland Yemen: New Results from Dhamar", 23-35. 

• Dunbar, Charles (Ambassador) "Yemen’s Parliamentary Elections: A Step, But in Which Direction?", 7-8.


• Clive Smith, translator, Lighting Over Yemen: A History of the Ottoman Campaign 1569-71. 

Reviewed by Daniel M. Varisco, 36.

• Ceasar Farah, The Sultan's Yemen: Nineteenth-Century challenges to Ottoman Rule. 

Reviewed by Daniel M. Varisco, 36.

M.A. Ghanem, Yemen Aden Arabic for Beginners.

Reviewed by John M. Willis, 39.

AIYS Fellows Narratives

• Borelli, Caterina. "A Vanishing Tradition: The Making of Qudad", 44.

• Boxberger, Linda. "Institutional Change in the Hadhramaut under the Rule of Sultan Salih al-Qu'aiti", 60-61.

• Caton, Steven. "The Anthropology of an Event: An Epilogue", 45-46.

• Chorin, Ethan. "Worlds Apart: Aden 1998/Aden 2003", 30-32.

• Colton, Nora A. "Poverty Alleviation and Development in Yemen", 55-57.

• Day, Stephen. "Local Government and Decentralization in Yemen", 46-48.

• Ekstrom, Heidi and Christopher M. Edens. "Prehistoric Agriculture in Highland Yemen: New Results from Dhamar", 23-35.

• Hopper, Matthew S. "Report on Arabic Language Study in Yemen", 48-49.

• Katz, Marion H. "Gender and Emotion in the Ritual Remembrance of the Prophet's Birthday",  53-55.

• Khalidi, Dima. "Report on Arabic Language Study in Yemen, 43-44.

• Moore, Peter W. "Business and State in Yemen", 58-59.

• Reese, Scott. "The Role of Yemeni Merchant Networks and Local Alliances in the Establishment of the Somali Hobyo Sultanate in the Late Nineteenth Century", 61-62.

• Reilly, Joan."Narrative Reports from AIYS Fellows, Introduction", 42.

• Wedeen, Lisa. "Peripheral Visions: Local Identifications in Unified Yemen", 49-53.

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