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More Yemeni Fellows 2021

A meeting was held on Wednesday, August 4 at the AIYS premises for the second group of researchers receiving the 2021 AIYS fellowship grants. The funds of the fellowship grants were transferred to the researchers in the southern governorates through the Exchange Firms. We thanked everybody of the researchers for their insistence on continuing their studies and research amid these hardships and war times. We also voiced special thanks for Dr. Abduraqeeb Ashamiri who came from Ibb to Sana'a, travelling for more than five hours and Dr. Mohamed al-Ward who came from Hodeidah University.

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Second Group: The researchers are from the left: Sana Abdulmalik, Dr. Mohammed al-Ward, Moheeb Al- Salehi, Dr. Abduraqeeb Ashamiri. Not shown here but attending via Internet were Abdullah al-Hamid, Mohammed Saba and Maharn Gafer.

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