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AIYS Yemeni Fellows 2021

A meeting was held  in the AIYS premises for the Yemeni researchers who received the fellowship grant of 2021. The researchers were divided into two groups.The first session convened on  Thursday July 29, 2021and five of the researchers provided brief presentations about their research proposals.


The Second group will include seven recipients of the fellowship. They are going to provide presentations about their research proposals next week at the AIYS premises. Two researchers, who are from Aden and the Hadramawt, will record  their presentation as they are unable to come from the Southern governorates to Sanaa due to the ongoing war.


First Group: From right to left, Dr. Salwa Dammaj (AIYS Resident Director) and fellows Dr. Safa Aurwa, Dr. Samiah al-Ahdal, Dr. Mabrok Adhamari, Dr. Anwar Kamal and Maher al-Wajeeh.


Dr. Safa Aurwah holds a doctoral degree from Sanaa University, History Department. Her project is: "Dhamar Earthquake and its Political , Economic and Social Impacts (Historical Studies)."


Dr. Mabrok Adhamari: an associate professor in the Section of Antiquities and Museums at Dhamar University. His research headlined: "The City of Radaa in the Islamic Epoch ( Its History and Historical Landmarks)."


Dr. Samiah al-Ahdal: an associate professor in the faculty of education, at Sanaa University. Her research is entitled: "The Problems of the Internally Displaced Female Students at the Alternative Schools in the Republic of Yemen: Reasons and Solutions."


Dr. Anwar Kamal: a scholar in history. His project is: "Jabal Al-Dhaher in al-Mahwit: Social, Economic and Political Study."

Maher al-Wajeeh:  A doctoral student and lecturer in the Section of Antiquities, Sanaa University.  His research is entitled: "The Dams in the Ancient Yemen as reported by al-Hamdani (Archeological and Architectural Study)."

A meeting was held on Wednesday, August 4 at the AIYS premises for the second group of researchers receiving the 2021 AIYS fellowship grants. The funds of the fellowship grants were transferred to the researchers in the southern governorates through the Exchange Firms. We thanked everybody of the researchers for their insistence on continuing their studies and research amid these hardships and war times. We also voiced special thanks for Dr. Abduraqeeb Ashamiri who came from Ibb to Sana'a, travelling for more than five hours and Dr. Mohamed al-Ward who came from Hodeidah University.


Second Group: The researchers are from the left: Sana Abdulmalik, Dr. Mohammed al-Ward, Moheeb Al- Salehi, Dr. Abduraqeeb Ashamiri


Sana Abdulmalik, who holds a Master degree in ancient Yemeni antiquities. Her research entitled: "The Yemeni Museum and How to Develop it: The Museums of the City of Sana'a as an example."


Dr. Mohammed al-Ward, an associated in the faculty of education, Hodiedah University. His research headlined: "Modern Poetry in Yemen (young poets as  an example)."


Dr. Abduraqeeb Ashamiri, an associate professor in the faculty of education, Ibb University. His research entitled: "The Phenomenon of the Street Children in Yemen: Reasons, Impacts and How to Deal with These."


Moheeb Al- Salehi, a Master degree student, College of Sciences, Sana'a University.  The research entitled :"The Biodegradation for Crude Oils in Hodeida Red Sea."


Abdullah al-Hamid, a Master degree in antiquities, who works in the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums in the governorate of Hadramout. The research entitled: "The Archeological Area of Goul in Hadramout, Pre-Islamic Era."


Scholar Mohammed Saba, a painter. The study entitled: "Documentation of the Yemeni Costumes in Some Yemeni Regions." He provided his presentation via the internet because of his sudden travel abroad.


Maharn Gafer, Abdullah Nasser a Master degree student, Physics Department, Aden University. The research entitled: "Natural and Man-made Radioactivity and Heavy Metals Pollution in Soil Samples from the Environment of Aden Assoghra city, Yemen."

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