There are many classic Yemeni songs on Youtube, but one of my favorites is the following by ‘Alī al-Anisī: Ṭāb al-liqā'. This is the clearest and crispest copy I have found:

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يعلن المعهد الأمريكي للدراسات اليمنية عضوية مجانية لمدة ثلاث

سنوات للباحثين, والأكاديميين و طلاب الدراسات العليا المقيمين في اليمن. تسمح  لكم العضوية أن تدلوا بأصواتكم في انتخاب الموظفين وأن تكونوا على اطلاع على فرص التقدم لطلب الزمالة, الجائزة السنوية لطباعة كتاب وبرنامج باحث – الى باحث . الذي يمكن الباحث اليمني من  التواصل والارتباط مع باحث اخر فى  الخارج

اذا كان لديك الرغبة في الانضمام الى عضوية المعهد الأمريكي للدراسات اليمنية, عليك أرسال  اسمك, اللقب الاكاديمي, أو اعلى درجة علمية, نبذة مختصرة عن اهتماماتك البحثية, وعنوان البريد الالكتروني الي

لمزيد من المعلومات, انظر موقع المعهد الامريكي للدراسات اليمنية: 

AIYS website (

"AIYS announces free membership for three years to Yemeni researchers, scholars and advanced students living in Yemen. Membership allows you to vote in the election of officers and be aware of opportunities for applying for fellowships, an annual book publishing award and a scholar-to-scholar program that can match a Yemeni researcher with someone outside Yemen. If you wish to join AIYS, send your name, affiliation or highest education degree, brief biographical statement on your research interests and email address to” For more details, see the AIYS website (

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October 9th is International Postal Day.

The first postal stamp pasted on an envelope was a British stamp in 1840, during the era of Queen Victoria.

The postal service in Aden started on June 15, 1939, and in this same year the first post office was opened in the Crater neighborhood of Aden.

In 1868 the Aden Post Office moved to its new building in Al-Tawahi.

In 1868 the the Ottoman Empire introduced regular postal services to Yemen and a post office was opened in Sanaa that year.

In 1871 the Taiz city post office opened.

In 1873 a post office was opened in Al-Hodeidah.

In July 1875 Yemen entered as an associate member of the Universal Postal Union under the supervision of the Ottoman Empire

In 1884 a post office opened in Manakha of the Haraz region.

In 1891 a post office was opened in the Sheikh Osman neighborhood of Aden.

In 1892 a post office was opened in Khormaksar neighborhood of Aden.

In 1926 the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen issued the first two-class postage printing in a local printing press.

On January 1, 1930 the Kingdom of Yemen entered as an independent member of the Universal Postal Union.

On January 1, 1930, the Yemeni Trust Kingdom issued a new series of stamps according to the rules of the Universal Postal Union.

In 1937 Britain issued special stamps for Aden, the first of which were stamps carrying the image of the colony of Aden: the sailboat ′′ Dhow ′′.

In 1942 the first postage stamps were issued for the Qu'aiti Sultanate in Yemen's south.

In 1963 the first stamp of the Yemeni Arab Republic was released.

In 1965 the first postage stamps of the Mahra state for Al-Bar and Qatari were issued.

On May 25, 1968 the first stamp of the People's Republic of Yemen was released.

On September 8, 1990 the first stamp of the Republic of Yemen was released.

[from the Facebook site of Dr. Muhammad Gerhoum]

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