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Yemeni Film on Education Crisis

Yemen remains the world's worst humanitarian crisis, and children are the primary victims of this severe crisis. Over 4.7 million school-aged girls and boys are now out of school as poverty, brutal conflict, and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupt their education. 3.7 million of which are in acute need of educational assistance. The war in Yemen has affected all aspects of life; it destroyed the infrastructure of the country. Schools weren't spared; more than 2,000 schools are not functioning.

51% of the teachers haven't been paid regular salaries since Oct. 2016. Year by year, unpaid teachers quit teaching to find other sources of income to feed their families. The conflict in Yemen keeps intensifying, and poverty is getting worse. Many families are step away from famine and can barely meet their basic needs, let alone affording school expenses for their children resulting in many children drop out of school or never join one in the first place.

Etreek24 sheds light on these painful statistics, interestingly visualizing the previous data through the following video we are sharing with you today.

See the Youtube video here:

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