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Talk by Brinkley Messick

Anthropologist Brinkley Messick will present the following Zoom talk:

Sharīʿa Genres and their Writers in Imamic Yemen أجناس من الشريعة وكُتّابها في اليمن الإمامي Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 6 p.m (Palestine time) - Anthropologist Brinkley Messick Abstract: The historical instance in question is the twentieth century decades of an imam-led polity in the non-colonized, late agrarian age society of highland Yemen. With the support of ethnographic photography, this talk surveys the relations in the textual formation of the period between the main roles in sharīʿa governance and the main types of writings. The perspectives are those of historical anthropology and Islamic Studies. In conversation with Dr. Eirik Hovden, researcher in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at University of Bergen. Join us via Zoom.

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