The Antiquities Coalition has published a short video on ten of the most important stolen antiquities, including a table from the Awam Temple in Marib. The video can be seen on Youtube.

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One of the most impressive Yemeni sites for the culture and history of Aden and southern Yemen is You can literally spend hours exploring this rich site. As you can see in the above image from the main page, there is information on Aden itself, coffee and mountains in Yāfi‘ the Aden zoo and the mosque of al-‘Aydarūs. There is also a treasure trove of images and photographs on Aden, some of which are very old. More photographs and videos are also available on the Facebook site of Hussain Alamree.

Tawāhī in the 1960s

Ma‘alā Suq, 1920

Local dance in Shaykh ‘Uthmān, 1947

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There are many classic Yemeni songs on Youtube, but one of my favorites is the following by ‘Alī al-Anisī: Ṭāb al-liqā'. This is the clearest and crispest copy I have found:

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