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Past AIYS Fellows 2018-2019


2019 AIYS Yemen Fellows

(top row, left to right) Mansure Jubbara (Ṣa‘da University), Shadad Al-Ali,  Director of GOAM in Dhamar, Ahmad al-Shawafi, Walid Al-Murisi, Dr Efterkar Almekhlafi, Dr Halah Jabbori, Dr. Salwa Dammaj;
(bottom row), Mohammed Jazem, Salah al-Kowmani (Dhamār University), (far right) Khalid al-Dhafari (Ibb University).

• Dr. Eftekar Almekhlafi "Selling Children: a Study of Law and Fiqh"

• Dr. Maher al-Maqtari  "The Possibility of Planting Barley and Grain Plants with Saline Water Irrigation in Yemen"

• Khalid al-Dhafari "Edited Edition of the Herbal al-Mu’tamid  fī al-adwiya al-mufrida by the Rasulid Sultan al-Malik al-Muẓaffar Yūsuf"

• Salah al-Kawmani "Kufic inscriptions in Dhamar, Yemen"

• Dr. Mansur Jubbara "The Effect of the War on the Psychological Needs of Students at  Ṣa‘da University"

• Dr. Hala Jabbori "The Overall Legacy Left by Cemeteries and Their Impact on Groundwater Quality"

• Wald al-Muris "Prevalence and Risk Factors of Soil-Transmitted Helminth and Schistosoma mansoni among School Children in Al-Nādira District, Ibb Governorate Yemen"

• Ahmed al-Shawafī "Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination in Groundwater and Using Natural Zeolite to Remove Them in Banī al-Ḥarith District, Ṣan‘ā’"

• Muḥammad Jāzim "Study and Analysis of a Manuscript about Irrigation Rights in Wadi Dhahr"

• Saeed Baniwas "Ecological and Biological Study of the Varroa destructor Mite on Honey bees in Doan Valley, Hadhramout Governorate"


Khalad al-Dhafari (Ibb University)


Dr. Maher al-Maktari


The historian Muḥammad Jāzim

2018 AIYS Yemen Fellows

• Dr  Rajha Saad (assistant professor in the Library Section at Ṣan‘ā’ University) “Information Literacy for Displaced People by War in Yemen: A Pilot Study”

• Dr Khaled Naji (associate professor of Biochemistry, Chemistry department, Faculty of Science, Ṣan‘ā’) University “Preventive Effects of Wild Yemeni Monolluma quadrangula Extract on Oxidative Stress associated with Diabetes mellitus in Albino Male Rats”

• Taha Arrahomi “Role of Monetary Authority in Controlling Money Laundry in Republic of Yemen”

• Dr Fowad Al-Mikhlafi (associate professor in the Center of Researches, Legal Consultancies and Arbitration). “Internal Displacement in Yemen: Challenges and  Scope of International Response”

• Guzlan Hatem “Educating Guidelines  for Training and Aiding Disabled Girls in the Yemeni Countryside”

• Wafaa Al-Qadassi “Recent Benthic Foraminifera from Socotra Island: Systemic Classification and Environment”

• Dr. Abdulghani  Al-Haweri “Planning for Establishing Crisis & Disasters Managing Unit in the Ministry of Education in View of International Experiences”

• Dr. Mujib Al-Shamiri (assistant professor of the Media Department, Ṣan‘ā’ University) “Yemeni-Targeted Audience’s Correlation With TV Domestic Drama and How that Contributes Toward Understanding Social Reality”


Adhm Nojem “Meaningful Signs of Geometrical and Botanic Decorations Depicted on Bulls’ Heads in the Ancient Yemeni Carvings”

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