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AIYS Yemeni Fellows 2023

The annual seminar for the current Yemeni Fellows was held on Thursday, July 20th at the AIYS premises in Sana'a. Of the 8 projects that were awarded, 6 researchers were able to travel and present their work. The remaining fellows presented their work virtually. 

For more information about the Yemeni Scholars Research Fellowship, click here and to see our past fellows, click here. If you have questions, please reach out to us at

The seminar group from left to right: Widad al-Qudsi, Najla al-Azazy, Maram Sadeq, Amin Abdo Sufyan Al-Hakimi, Ali Zeyad, Yahya Qatran

Here, Najla, al-ʿAzazya, a PhD student at Hodeidah University in the Psychology Department, presents her work. Her project is titled,

"The Effectiveness of Logotheraphy on Reducing Compatibility Disorder Amongst Displaced Yemeni Women."

Amin Abdo Sufyan Al-Hakimi, a professor of Agriculture at Sana'a University in the Foods and Environment Department and the head of the Yemeni Association for Sustainable Agriculture Development (YASAD), presents his research titled, 

"Gathering and Publishing Research Collected at the College of Agriculture by Former Students of Traditional Yemeni Agriculture."

Yahya Qatran, Professor of Education Technology at Sana'a University presents his work titled, 

"Design of a Computer Program to Develop Educational Environmental Awareness amongst School children in Yemeni Suburbs."

Widad al-Qudsi, a MA student of Antiquities at Sana'a University. Her research is titled,
"Musical Instruments in Ancient Yemen: A Comparative Archaeological Study."

Maram Sadiq, a PhD student in environmental studies, presenters her research,
"Assessment Study of the Potential for Protecting the Geological Heritage in Damt Area."

Ali Zeyad, a teaching assistant at the University of Science & Technology in Sana'a, who focuses on Water Resources Engineering, discussed his work titled,
"Use of Bolted Steel Plates in Strengthe
ning and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beams."

The seminar group during Professor Yahya Qatran's presentation

Ali Barakat.jpg

Ali Barakat, a professor at the university of Ibb, presented his work virtually,

"Natural Disasters and Astronomical Phenomena in Islamic Yemen (540-549AH/1145-1154AD)."

The only group orject for this year was presented virtually by Mohammed Ali Ahmed Saeed (left) & Badr Abdullah Saeed Al-Tayar (right)

Assistant Professor, University of Science & Technology, Hadhramout

Assistant Professor, Oral Biology, University of Science & Technology, Hadhramout

“Cytotoxic and molecular Effects of Yemeni Smokeless Tobacco Extracts on Selected Oral Epithelial Cell Lines”

Mohammed Ali Saeed .jpg
Badr Abdullah Al-Tayar..jpg
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