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AIYS Yemeni Fellows 2022

A meeting was held  in the AIYS premises for the Yemeni researchers who received the fellowship grants for 2022. The researchers were divided into two groups.The first session convened on  Sunday August 28, 2022 and five of the researchers provided brief presentations about their research proposals.


The Second group includes seven recipients of the fellowship. Eight individuals presented about their research at the AIYS premises. on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. Four researchers presented their  presentation about via Zoom conference because they could not travel to Sanaa.

For information on Yemeni fellowships and past awards, click here.


First Group: From left, to right: Abd al-Ghani Ahmad Ali al-Hawari,  Ali Ahmad Ahmad Miftah, 

Ahmad Ali Salih Faq'as, Amal Abd al-Mu'iz al-Himyari, Afrah Muhammad Ali al-Faateesh, 


Abd al-Ghani Ahmad Ali al-Hawari,  Associate Professor at Sana'a University, Education Factuality of Education. His research is: "A Proposed Conception for the Establishment of a Crisis Management Unit in the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Yemen in the Light of Arab and International Experiences."


Ali Ahmad Ahmad Miftah, an MA student at Sana'a University, Antiquities Department. His research is "Daily Transactions in Ancient Yemen, a Study of the Inscriptions of the Date Palm Sticks"


Ahmad Ali Salih Faq'as, Assistant professor at Sana'a University, Antiquities Department . His research is entitled: "Agricultural Terms in the Ḥadā region"

Amal Abd al-Mu'iz al-Himyari, History Department. Her research is entitled:  "Foreign Influence on the Yemeni Diet"


Afrah Muhammad Ali al-Faateesh, Taiz University, Faculty of Science, MA in physical chemistry ,teacher in chemistry laboratory. Her research is: "Photo – Thermal Effect on Kinetic and Bioactivity of Neem Seeds (Azadirachtin indica) Extract"

A second meeting was held on Tuesday, August 30 at the AIYS premises for the second group of researchers receiving the 202 AIYS fellowship grants.


Second Group: from left to right: Mofeed Ali Hashem Mohammed Al- Nowihi,  Majid al-Shamiri, Muhammad Ali Naji al-Musawi, Amira Ali Muhammad al-Harithi


Mofeed Ali Hashem Mohammed Al- Nowihi, an MA student, Science College. His research is: "Molecular Epidemiology and Genetic Diversity of Zika Virus from Field-Caught Mosquitoes in Various Regions of Yemen"

Majib al-Shamiri, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information, Sana'a University. His research is: "Internet Addiction and its Relationship to Enhancing Psychological Anxiety among YemeniYouth"


Muhammad Ali Naji al-Musawi, Assistant Professor at Hodeidah University. His research is: "Classical Poetry in the Tihama: A Topical and Artistic Study"

Amira Ali Muhammad al-Harithi,  PhD research in Nano-Microbiology, Biology Department. Her research is: "Evaluation of the inhibitory effect of copper oxide and zinc oxide particles against late blight disease (Phytophthora pneumoniae) on potatoes in Yemen."

Four researchers presented their  presentation via Zoom conference because they could not travel to Sanaa:


Majid Abd al-Rashid Muhammad Tayyib, teacher in Antiquities Department, Faculty of Arts, University of Aden, Director of Aden University Museum. His research is: "The Historical Development of the Pottery Industry in Ancient Yemen - a Study of Vessels from the Museum of the University of Aden as a Model in the Late Second Millennium BC - the First Century AD


Bashir Ali Salih Zindal, Assistant Professor at Dhamar University, French Language department. His research is: "The Role of the Belt in the Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Yemen"


Afrah Ali Jibran Naji Assnabani, Assistant Professor at Dhamar University, her research is: "Clear and Frank Commentary on Shameful Misdeeds that Occurred in Wadi Zabid [edition and analysis of a Yemeni manuscript by this title]

Yahya Lutf Abdallah al-Abbālī, Assistant Professor at Hajjah University. His research is: "Water Heritage Techniques in Mabyan District - Hajjah Governorate - Selected Models"


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