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AIYS Yemeni Fellows 2020

The Yemeni researchers awarded the fellowship grants of 2020 met in our AIYS office, under the direction of the Resident Director Dr. Salwa Dammaj. The seminars were organized over two successive days to ensure the necessary social distance and avoid a crowded gathering.

al-Gabali, Mashrah, Abu-asba.jpeg

Fellows attending the second seminar on Thursday, July 16, at AIYS.

On Wednesday, July 15, a seminar held for the seminar included three researchers. Mr. Ahmed al-Gabali (left) and Dr. Mohammed Mashrah (right) were from the Yemeni Center for Research and Studies. The third researcher is Dr. Angela Abu-Asba (center) from Sanaa University.


Dr. Mohammed Mashrah provided a brief presentation about his research titled “The Psychological and Social Effects of Armed Conflict on the Children of Yemen”.

Dr. Angela Abu-asba2.jpeg

Dr. Angela  Abu-asba presented an explanation of her topic research, themed "Social Problems Experienced by Women Prisoners in Yemen during and after the Prison Period.”

Ahmed al-Gabali.jpeg

Mr. Ahmed  al-Gabali shed light on his research titled "Sufism in Yemen: Its Social and Political Impacts.”

SultanAnwarNasiriKhadija Yaqub.jpeg

(left to right): Dr. Lamiya Anwar Ya’qub, Khadija Ali Omer, Amna al-Nasiri, Anwar Hayir, Dr. Sultan Naji Ahmed

Anwar  Hayir.jpeg

Anwar  Hayir, a researcher interested in antiquities, explained his research titled “Ancient Inscriptions in the Area of Bani Dubyan.”

Sultan Naji Ahmed1.jpeg

Dr. Sultan Naji Ahmed, a professor at Sana'a University, College of Agriculture, provided a presentation on his research title “Evaluation of Antifungal Activity of Trichoderma harzianum and fungicides againist some Potato Leaf Spots Pathogens in Greenhouse and Laboratory.”

KhadijaAli Omer.jpeg
Amna Nasiri2.jpeg

The second seminar was concluded by Dr. Amna Al-Nasiri, professor of Philosophy at Sana'a University and a very well-known Yemeni painter. She talked about her research titled “Change in Arabic Public Art during and after the Arab Spring: The Examples of Graffiti in Yemen.”.

Khadija  Ali Omer, a doctoral student in the Psychology Department, College of Arts, Sana'a University. She talked about her research titled “The Role of Official and National Institutions in Integrating the Physically Challenged in the Yemeni Society.” She herself is disabled.


Dr. Lamiya Ya'qoub, who has a Ph.D in history, provided a presentation on her research titled “Edition and Analysis of a Yemeni manuscript entitled Muzīl al-‘Anā fī aḥkām mā aḥdath fī al-arāḍī al-muzdara min al-‘Anā.

Not shown here since they were not able to attend are Abeer Ali Saeed “The Macro and Micro morphological characters as Taxonomical tools to study Poaceae species members in Aden Governorate, Yemen” and Wahid Muhammad Ahmad al-Saruri “Inventory and Characterization of Terrestrial Vertebrates in the district of Haifan, Taiz Governorate, Yemen”

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