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Yemen Films at MESA 2020

The 2020 online MESA convention Film Festival will have the following three films about Yemen. If you are registered for MESA you can stream these at any time during the conference. Details are in the annual program which you can download here.

No Words

| Filmmaker: Mariam al-Dhubhani

Runtime: 06 min | Year: 2020 | Language: Arabic, English (English Subtitles)

Home to Home: How a Yemeni Refugee Found Love in South Korea

| Filmmaker: Juyoung Choi & Saad Ejaz

Runtime: 10 min 22 sec | Year: 2020 | Language: Korean & English

Tea with Mama

| Filmmaker: Nur Munawarah Mohamed Hussain & Marielle Cortel

Runtime: 05 min 32 sec | Year: 2020 | Language: Arabic & English

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