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Leiden Yemeni Studies Lecture Series

The Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam & Society announces a series of lectures on the heritage and history of Yemen throughout the year. These will be online via zoom and registration for each individual talk can be made here.

Here are the online lectures:

22 JAN 
 Keynote Lecture: Zaydis, Salafis and Houthis and Their Engagement with the Islamic Tradition in Yemen

Bernard Haykel 

19 FEB
 Reimaging Peacemaking: Gender, Diaspora, and Peace Democratization in Yemen

Ewa Strzelecka 

25 MAR 
 Indian Problems, Yemeni Solutions? Legal Exchanges in the Sixteenth Century

Mahmood Kooriadathodi 

22 APR Blessed Aristocracies: Charismatic authority, rural elites, and historiography in Medieval Yemen

Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont 

20 MAY History of Water Management in Yemen: An Interdisciplinary Study

Ingrid Hehmeyer 

24 JUN 
 Mapping the Past, Imagining the Future: Heritage Politics in Ḥūthī Yemen

Marieke Brandt 

23 SEP Keynote Lecture: Friendship and Scholarship in 20th-Century Yemen

Sabine Schmidtke

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