AIYS American Fellows

2022 AIYS American Fellows

• Gokh Amin Alshaif "Native Outsiders: Black Yemenis in 19th and 20th Century Yemen"

• Sara Swetzoff "Political Imagination and Shared Values in the Ethio-Yemeni Migrant Community of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia"

2021 AIYS American Fellows


• Raashid Satpal Goyal "War and Law in the First Islamic Polity: A Study of the Terms of Capitulation Tradition"


2020 AIYS American Fellows


• Richard F. Harrod “Yemen and the United States in the Time of the Ḥamīd al-Dīn Imāms, 1945 - 1962” 
• Gabriel W. Lavin “Aden’s Early Recording Industry: Cultural Production, Politics, and the Regional Influence of a Colonial Indian Ocean Port City, c. 1930-1950”

2019 AIYS American Fellows

• Jason Everett Weimar, MA "Taxes and Letter Genres in Ancient Yemen: New Insights from the Leiden Collection of Ancient South Arabian Stick Inscriptions"

2018 AIYS American Fellows


• Samuel England "Arab Renaissance along the Red Sea: Expatriate Politics and Literature of Yemen"

• Samuel Liebhaber "Muḥammad Maḥmūd al-Zubayrī’s A Prayer in Hell: Translation and Commentary."

2017 AIYS American Fellows

* Naema Alamri "Remembering the 1930 Race Riot in South Shields: A Historical Look at Labor and Empire in the Yemeni Diaspora"

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2016 AIYS American Fellows


• Asher Orkaby "Egypt’s Chemical War in Yemen (1963-1967) and the Limits of a Historic Taboo"

• Ashwak Hauter "Scenes of Islah and Ruh: Medical Expertise in Yemen in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprising"

2015 AIYS American Fellows


• Ted Papenfuss "Faunal exchange across the Red Sea between Africa and Yemen: using amphibians and reptiles to test scenarios"


2014 AIYS American Fellows

• Krista Lewis “Land of Frankincense:  Archaeological Excavations at Al-Baleed.”

earlier fellows to come