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Bulletin of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies
No. 43 . . . 2001



Borelli, Caterina
Filming "The Architecture of Mud" YU 43 (2001)

Canova, Giovanni
Traditional Beekeeping in Eastern Yemen YU 43 (2001)

Dahlgren, Susanne
Women's Lib, the Southern Way: Reflections from the Past Decades YU 43 (2001)


Islamic Tax Law [fromunclassified despatch #169 from the American Consul in Aden in1956] YU43 (2001)


Richards, Thomas J.
Yemeni Dreams YU 43 (2001)

Yemen Reviews

Aithie, Charles and Patricia
Yemen: Jewel of Arabia. London: Stacey International, 2001. Reviewed by Daniel Martin Varisco YU 43 (2001)

Borelli, Caterina
Filmmaker's Response YU 43 (2001)

Detalle, Renaud, editor
Tensions in Arabia: The Saudi-Yemeni Fault Line. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2000. Reviewed by Sheila Carapico YU 43 (2001)

Glander, Annelies
Inheritance in Islam: Women's Inheritance in San'a (Republic of Yemen): Law, Religion, and Reality, 1998. European University Studies, Series XXVII, Asian and African Studies, 69. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 141 pp., bibliography. Reviewed by Daniel Martin Varisco YU 43 (2001)

Grant, Gillian
Middle Eastern Photographic Collections in the United Kingdom. Middle East Libraries Committee Research Guides, 1989. Reviewed by Barbara Evans YU 43 (2001)

El Guindi, Fadwa
Veil: Modesty, Privacy and Resistance. Oxford: Berg, 1999. Reviewed by Daniel Martin Varisco YU 43 (2001)

Ma Huan
Ying-yai Shen-lan, "The Overall Survey of the Ocean's Shores" [1433]. Translated and edited by J.V. G. Mills. Cambridge University Press for the Hakluyt Society, Extra Series No. XLII, 1970 . Reviewed by Barbara Evans YU 43 (2001)

Stager, Lawrence E., Joseph A. Greene, and Michael D. Coogan, editors.
The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond: Essays in Honor of James Sauer. Harvard Semitic Museum Publications Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant 1, 2000. Reviewed by Joy McCorriston YU 43 (2001)

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