Fellowships Awarded since 1991

The list below includes the names and projects of all persons who were offered AIYS fellowships to carry out research projects in Yemen. It does not include the names of persons who were offered a fellowship but who declined the offer or who resigned the fellowship after initially accepting it (reasons for resignation include receipt of other funds, medical or family emergencies, and loss of eligibility), or whose fellowships were solely intended for the purpose of studying Arabic.

Please also note that from April 2008 to date it has not been possible to carry out projects in Yemen using State Department fellowship funds; all fellowship projectss not started at that time are still awaiting completion. In contrast, incomplete projects from earlier years, for which the funding has expired, have been removed from the list.

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U.S. Fellowship Programs

2017-2018 Competition
Samuel England "Arab Renaissance along the Red Sea: Expatriate Politics and Literature of Yemen."
Samuel Liebhaber "Muḥammad Maḥmūd al-Zubayrī’s A Prayer in Hell: Translation and Commentary."

2016-2017 Competition

Neama Alamri "Remembering the 1930 Race Riot in South Shields: A Historical Look at Labor and
Empire in the Yemeni Diaspora."

Salih Alfaqih “Civil Ottoman architecture in Sana’a” ; Eshraq Rasi  “Post-traumatic stress experiences by Yemenis displaced due to the war.”; Nabila al-Wasi’i “Literary and Aesthetic Analysis of al-Maqalih’s The Book of Sana’.”; Lotfeya al-Miklafi  “Arab Feminist Reading of Yemeni Literature.”; Ebtisam Shamsan “Effects of freezing Indian mackerel from Yemeni coastal waters on its nutritive value.”; Nabil al-Mekhlafi “Chemical properties of Yemeni plant used as a folk remedy, possible use to combat Leishmaniasis.” ; Munira Gamil  “Self-esteem amongst adolescent Yemeni displaced girls.”; Adel Al-Washaly “Archaeological project – to due a preliminary survey of an area north of Ataq.”;  Aref Alafif “Study to see if a new treatment is effective in Yemen though the characteristics of Hep C viruses in Yemen differs from other areas.”; Amat al-Malak al-Thawr  “The Hajj and Umra in the Qasimite Period; relation of Yemen and Hijaz in the medieval period.”; Hamid Mohammad “Relations between Yemen and Mecca”;. Faisal Mahboob “Degree of adherence of Yemeni elections to standards for democratic elections.”; Hamid Mohammed “Analysis of drinking water samples in al-Bayda.”; Abdulbasit Aldrasi “Iimportant study of the legal framework for small and medium enterprises.”

2015-2016 Competition

Ashwak Hauter: "Scenes of Islah and Ruh: Medical Expertise in Yemen in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprising."
Asher Orkaby "Egypt’s Chemical War in Yemen (1963-1967) and the Limits of a Historic Taboo."

2014-2015 Competition

Zimmerle, William (Consulting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia) "The Dhofar Ethnoarchaeology Preservation Project: Documenting Cuboid Incense Burners Crafted by Yemeni Potters Living in the Dhofar."

2013-2014 Competition

Lewis, Krista (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Middle East Studies, University of Arkansas at Little Rock) "Land of Frankincense: Archaeological Excavations at Al-Baleed."

2012-2013 Competition

Khalidi, Lamya (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) "The prehistory of Afro-Araiban contact along the Red Sea: tracing the origin of obsidian exchange spheres in the eastern Ethiopian lowlands."

Tembrock, Luke (graduate student, Colorado State University) “Testing alternative hypotheses on the origin, dispersal, and cultivation of qat (Catha edulis) in Yemen.”

2011-2012 Competition

Hennessey, Katherine A. (Independent Scholar) “A Century of Yemeni Theater (1909-2010)”

McCorriston, Joy (Professor of Archeology, Ohio State University) “Development of Southern Yemen’s Bronze Age Pastoral Societies: Archaeological and Paleoecological Research in the Eastern Range (Dhufar, Oman)”

Pandya, Sophia (Associate Professor of Religious Studies, CSU Long Beach) “Yemenis in Ethiopia: Constructing Identity in Diaspora through Religion (Ethiopia)”

Um, Nancy (Associate Professor of Art History, SUNY Binghamton) “Gifts for the Imam: Material Culture, Commercial Exchange, and Merchant Tribute in Yemen, 1600-1750 (The Hague)”

2009-10 Fellowship awards

Friedlander, Jonathan (Assistant Director, Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA), “Lessons from Central California: Yemeni-American Teens and Education, Careers, and Identity” - completed project available at http://Mearo.org/Yemeni-Americans/.

Lee, Michelle Chang-Hsien (graduate sudent, UCLA), Arabic language study.

Mahoney, Daniel Edward (Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago), "A Study of the Socio-Political Landscape of the Islamic Dhamar Basin."

Orkaby, Asher A. (graduate student, Harvard University, Center for Middle East Studies), Arabic language study.

Rasmussen, Anne Katharine (Associate Professor of Music/Ethnomusicology, The College of William and Mary), "The Music of Indian Ocean Islam: Yemen and the Indonesian Archipelago."

2008-09 Fellowship awards

Hayward, Emma (graduate student, University of Pennsylvania), Arabic language study.

Liebhaber, Samuel (Assistant Professor, Middlebury College) and Haberl, Charles (Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey), "Collection, Organization and Transcription of a Mahri Digital Archive."

Pandya, Sophia (Assistant Professor of religious studies, California State University at Long Beach), "Religious Practices of Older Yemeni Women: Continuity and Change" with a component of Arabic language study.

Vodopyanov, Anya (graduate student, Harvard University Department of Government), "Competing to Serve: State and Non-State Provision of Public Services in Yemen since 1990," with a component of Arabic language study.

2007-08 Fellowship awards

Boucek, Christopher James (post-doctoral Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington D.C.). Arabic language study and research on "Militant Demobilization and the Rehabilitation Experience in Yemen: Legitimacy, Cooptation, and the Committee for Dialogue."

DeVito, Alexandra (Graduate student, University of Texas-Arlington, School of Urban and Public Affairs). Arabic language study and research on "The Feasibility of Public-Private Partnerships in the Yemeni Water Sector."

Hooper, Jane Louise (Graduate student, Emory University, Department of History). "Trade and Empire: The Transformation of the Indian Ocean during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries."

Reese, Scott (Faculty, Northern Arizona University). "Engaging the Umma: Muslim Discourses of Reform and the Construction of Locality in Colonial Aden."

2006-07 Fellowship awards

Adra, Najwa (Independent scholar/consultant), "Research into Tribal Identity in Four Regions of Yemen."

Bitters, Susanna M. (Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Center for Middle Eastern Studies), Arabic language study.

Bothwell, Beau Denny (Graduate Student, Columbia University: Department of Music), Arabic language study and dissertation feasibility research.

King, James Robin (Graduate Student, Columbia University), Arabic language study and research interest in "State of Zaydism in Contemporary Yemen."

Rogers, Amanda Elizabeth (Graduate Student, Emory University), Arabic language study and interest in the artistic contributions of Yemeni women.

Wagner, Mark Samuel (Faculty, University of Southern Mississippi, Religious Studies), "A Critical Edition and Translation of al-Khafanji's Diwan."

2005-2006 Fellowship Awards

Brown, Jonathan Andrew Cleveland (pre-doctoral; University of Chicago), "Exploring the Horizons of Sunni Thought in the 18th Century: The Innovative Scholarship of Muhammad b. Ismail al-San'ani."

Chauhan, Parth Randhir (post-doctoral; Stone Age Institute), "Tracing the Earliest Human Dispersals Out of Africa: The Plio-Pleistocene Evidence from Yemen."

Hollenberg, David (post-doctoral; Carleton College), "Report on Unpublished Zaydi Arabic Manuscripts in the Great Mosque in Sana'a" and Arabic language study.

Jacobs, Nicole (pre-doctoral; Brandeis University), "Alternatives to Conventional Microfinance: An Examination of Islamic Banking Models in Yemen."

Johnsen, Gregory D. (pre-doctoral; University of Arizona), "History of the 1962-70 Yemeni Civil War."

Lewis, Krista Ann. (post-doctoral; Loyola University, Chicago), "Himyarite Political and Agricultural Landscape Project."

Liebhaber, Samuel.(pre-doctoral; University of California at Berkeley), "The Mahri Poetics of SE Yemen, Post-Unification (1990)."

Livingston, Morna M. (professional; Philadelphia University School of Architecture), "Cisterns in the Highland Landscapes of Yemen."

Low, Michael C. (pre-doctoral; Georgia State University), Arabic language study. Research interest: "Empire of the Hajj: Pilgrims, Plagues, and British Surveillance in the Red Sea, 1865-1924."

Mahoney, Daniel E. (pre-doctoral; University of Chicago), "Mariyah Regional Survey Project."

Peutz, Nathalie Mae (pre-doctoral; Princeton University), "Mapping Socotri Migrations: Economic, Social, and Cultural Links between Socotra and the Gulf."

Ransom, Marjorie Ann (professional; Georgetown University Institute of Diplomacy), "Arab Women's Heritage: Researching the Disappearing Tradition of Silver Jewelry in Yemen."

Stevenson, Thomas (post-doctoral; Ohio University at Zanesville), "Women's Sports in an Arab Socialist Society; An Experiment in Socialization and Gender Equality."

2004-2005 Fellowship Awards

Caton, Steven C. (Department of Anthropology, Harvard University), "Environmental Events and State Governance: Ethnography of a Crisis in the Sana'a Basin."

Johnsen, Greg (graduate student in history, Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Arizona), Arabic language study in preparation for an oral history dissertation project.

Miller, W. Flagg (Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin at Madison), "The Poetics of Lament and Death in Contemporary Muslim Ethics in Yemen."

Phillips, Sarah Grant (graduate student in political science, Australian National University; U.S. citizen), Arabic language study and "Maintaining the Status-quo Amid Political Openings in the Arab World: The Republic of Yemen (1990-2004)."

Reese, Scott (Department of History, Northern Arizona University), "Using the Global to Create the Local: Muslim Discourses of Reform in Colonial Aden."

Walker, Iain Bruce (Department of Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University; U.S. citizen), Arabic language study to support project: "Arabian Africans or African Arabs? The Dynamics of Islamic African Identity in the Arabian Peninsula."

2003-2004 Fellowship Awards

Buchman, David Meyer (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hanover College), "Longitudinal Study of the Sufis of Yemen."

Corstange, Daniel M. (graduate student, University of Michigan, Political Science), Arabic language study and feasibility study proposal: "Tribes, Believers, and Partisans: Traditional' and Modern' Politics in Yemen."

Eddins, Quinn W. (graduate student, Harvard University, Middle Eastern Studies), Arabic language study and dissertation feasibility study: "Childhood Language Learning and Cultural Practice in Sana'a."

Liebhaber, Samuel (graduate student, University of California-Berkeley, Near Eastern Studies), "New Trends in Poetry and Song from al-Mahra."

Ransom, Marjorie (Non-Resident Associate, Georgetown University, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy), "Arab Women's Heritage: Researching the Disappearing Tradition of Silver Jewelry in Yemen."

Yadav, Stacey Sheridan Philbrick (graduate student, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science), "Islamist Parliamentary Politics and the Remaking of Democracy: Hizb Allah and al-Islah in Comparative Perspective."

2002-2003 Fellowship Awards

Adra, Najwa (Adjunct faculty, Hofstra University), "Bara' Bravado: The Semiotics of Dancing in the Highlands of Yemen."

Boxberger, Linda (Independent scholar), "Linking Histories: Connections Between Hadhramawt (Yemen) and Dhufar (Oman)."

Hirsch, David, G. (Middle East Bibliographer, UCLA), "Bibliographic Access to Yemeni migr Publications in Southeast Asia."

Papenfuss, Theodore J. (Research Specialist, University of California, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology), "A Mitochondrial DNA Study of Reptile Species from the Horn of Africa Across the Red Sea to Yemen and Socotra Island."

Rahimi, Dan (Director of Collections, Royal Ontario Museum [US citizen]), "Wadi al-Fijrah Terrace Excavations."

2001-2002 Fellowship Awards

Abdalla, Alyce (pre-doctoral; John F. Kennedy School of Government; Harvard University), "Welcome Home? The Returnees' Impact on Yemeni Society, A Decade Later."

Al-Radi, Selma (post-doctoral; Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; in collaboration with Ingrid Hehmeyer, University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum), "Tahirid Period Water Systems of Yemen: A Technological and Cultural Study."

Carapico, Sheila (post-doctoral; Dept. of Political Science, University of Richmond), "Promoting Political Liberalization in the Arab World."

Daniels, Joseph Lamar II (pre-doctoral; Dept. of Near Eastern Studies, University of Chicago), "Analysis of Epigraphic South Arabian Graffiti and Rock Art from the Dhamar Plains Valley (Yemen)."

Han, Carolyn (faculty; Hawaii Community College, Hilo), "Two Children's Books: Sufi Stories of Yemen and Queen 'Arwa of Yemen."

Jerome, Pamela (faculty; Graduate School of Architecture and Preservation Planning, Columbia University), "Community and the Built Environment: Preservation of the Mudbrick Palaces of Tarim, Yemen."

Khalidi, Dima (pre-doctoral; School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), Arabic Language fellowship; research interest: comparative Islamic legal systems.

Khalidi, Lamya (pre-doctoral; Cambridge University), "The Wadi Rima Survey Project: A Comparative Examination of the Highland and Coastal Cultures of the Yemeni Bronze Age"

Lamprakos, Michele (pre-doctoral; Aga Khan Program for Islamic Art and Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "Sana'a, Yemen: Tradition and Modernity in a World Heritage City."

Laven, Nina K. (pre-doctoral; School for International Affairs, Columbia University), Arabic Language fellowship; research interest: NGO approaches to issues related to poverty, migration, reproductive health, and literacy.

Willis, John (pre-doctoral; Dept. of Middle Eastern Studies, New York University); "Disorder and the Domain of Obedience: Mapping the Space of the Late Imamate, 1904-1934"

2000-2001 Fellowship Awards

Borelli, Caterina (Independent director and producer), working in conjunction with Pamela Jerome, Adj. Prof. of Historical Preservation, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning), "A Vanishing Tradition: The Making of Qudad."

Carmichael, Tim (Ph.D. candidate, Michigan State University), "African and African Muwallidun Communities in Yemen."

Caton, Steve C. (Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University), "The Anthropology of an Event: An Epilogue."

Conlon, James (Researcher, Columbia University Media Center for Art History) joint project with Crevello, Gina (Architectural conservator, Wank Adams Slavin Associates) and Risdal-Barnes, Michele (Curator for buildings and collections, Fallingwater), "Technological Analysis and Conservation of the Decorative Stucco Decoration in the Amiriya Madrasa, Rada'."

Crevello, Gina (Architectural conservator, Wank Adams Slavin Associates), joint project with Conlon, James (Researcher, Columbia University Media Center for Art History) and Risdal-Barnes, Michele (Curator for buildings and collections, Fallingwater), "Technological Analysis and Conservation of the Decorative Stucco Decoration in the Amiriya Madrasa, Rada'."

Day, Stephen (Ph.D. candidate, Georgetown University), "Local Government and Decentralization in Yemen."

Ekstrom, Heidi (M.A. candidate, St. Mary's University), "Archaeological Investigations at Hammat al-Qa: A bronze Age Site in the Central Yemen Highlands."

Han, Carolyn (author and lecturer at Hawai'i Community College, Hilo), "The Children's Book of Miracles: Sufi Stories of Yemen."

Hirsch, David G. (Middle East Bibliographer, Charles Young Research Library, UCLA), "Bibliographic Access to Official and NGO Publications of the Yemen Republic."

Hopper, Matthew S. (Ph.D. candidate in history, UCLA), "The African Presence in South Arabia: Slavery, Abolition, and Diaspora in Yemen, 1807-1902."

Khalidi, Lamya L. (M.Phil. candidate, Cambridge University), "The Al-Amiriya Mosque Restoration Project"; also, "Yemeni Bronze Age Feasibility Project."

Kysia, Kareem R. (in Ph.D. program, Committee on Human Development, University of Chicago), "Who's Developing Who? Development, Modernization, and Gender in the Republic of Yemen."

Lewis, Krista Ann (Ph.D. candidate, archaeology/anthropology, University of Chicago), working in conjunction with Wilkinson, Tony J. (Research Associate [Assoc.Prof.], Oriental Institute, University of Chicago), "A Himyarite Estate and Its Landscape."

McCorriston, Joy (Asst. Prof., anthropology, Ohio State University), "RASA (Roots of Agriculture in Southern Arabia): Yemen's Early Holocene Immigrants."

Peutz, Nathalie (in Ph.D. program in anthropology, Princeton University), "Positioning Return: Migration around the Red Sea."

Risdal-Barnes, Michele (Curator for buildings and collections, Fallingwater), joint project with Conlon, James (Researcher, Columbia University Media Center for Art History) and Crevello, Gina (Architectural conservator, Wank Adams Slavin Associates), "Technological Analysis and Conservation of the Decorative Stucco Decoration in the Amiriya Madrasa, Rada'."

Um, Nancy A. (Ph.D. candidate in art history, UCLA), "Built Legacies: Patterns of Patronage by the Notables of the Qasimi Imamate."

Wedeen, Lisa (Asst. Prof. of political science, University of Chicago), "Peripheral Visions: Local Identifications in Unified Yemen."

1999-2000 Fellowship Awards

Al-Radi, Selma (post-doctoral; Director of the Amiriya Madrasa Restoration Project, Rada', Yemen, and Research Fellow in Archaeology, New York University), "The Methodology of the Carved Stucco Decorations of the Amiriya Madrasa in Rada', Yemen."

Bevens, Walter (post-doctoral; English as a Second Language Instructor, Waco, Texas), "Medieval Geographers in Yemen."

Cockerill, Mary Ann (B.A./M.A. candidate in Linguistics, Harvard University), Arabic language study plus dialectological research on the speech of rural Yemeni women.

Edens, Christopher (post-doctoral; Research Associate in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania Museum), Arabic language study; research area: archaeology of highlands Yemen.

Freeman, Andrew (Ph.D. candidate in Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan), "The Language of the Ville Nouvelle: the Koine of the Land?"

Haykel, Bernard (post-doctoral; Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and History, New York University), "Shawkani's Legacy in 20th Century Yemen."

Katz, Marion Holmes (post-doctoral; Assistant Professor of Religion, Mount Holyoke College), "Gender and Emotion in the Ritual Remembrance of the Prophet's Birthday."

Low, Russanne (Ph.D. candidate in Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies, University of Minnesota), collaborative project with Ingrid Hehmeyer (Research Associate, Royal Ontario Museum), "Traditional Water Systems of Yemen."

Morrison, Robert Gordon (Lecturer in Arabic, Cornell University), "Theoretical Astronomy in Pre-Modern Yemen."

Newton, Lynn (Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology, University of Minnesota), Arabic study; research interest: archaeology.

Rose, Jeffrey (Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology, Boston University), Arabic language study and paleolithic research.

Wagner, Mark (Ph.D. candidate in Middle East Studies, New York University), "Yemeni Poetry and the Arabic Literary Tradition."

1998-99 Fellowship Awards

Blumi, Isa (Ph.D.Candidate in History and Middle East Studies, New York University), "The Consequences of Empire: The Ottoman State and the Emergence of National Identity in Albania and Yemen, 1874- 1918."

Colton, Nora Ann (Assistant Professor of Economics, Drew University), "Poverty Alleviation and Development in Yemen."

Daniels, Joseph (Ph.D.Candidate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago), Arabic language plus feasibility study for research on epigraphic South Arabian graffiti and inscriptions.

Farah, Caesar (Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Minnesota), "Yemeni Forts in the Late Ottoman Period."

Pomerantz, Maurice (Ph.D.Candidate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago), "Social History of Zaydi Imamate in Northern Yemen."

Schilmoeller, Krista Lewis (Ph.D.Candidate in Anthropology, University of Chicago), Arabic language plus feasibility study/dissertation research: "The Rise of Himyar in Highland Yemen: An Archaeological Study."

Silverstein, Paul (Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow in Anthropology, Columbia University), Arabic language with interest in exploring "cross-Red Sea relations.

Vandewalle, Dirk (Associate Professor of Government, Dartmouth College), "Winning the Lottery: The Politics of Economic Policy Making During Commodity Booms in the Third World."

Wedeen, Lisa J. (Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago), "Citizenship and Identifies in Yemen."

Willis, John (Ph.D.Candidate in Middle East Studies and History, New York University), "The City and its Tribal Hinterland: Producing Space in Aden, 1839-1937" (feasibility study).

Zimmerman, Paul C. (Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania), "Middle Hadramawt Archaeological Survey."

1997-98 Fellowship Awards

Bedigian, Dorothea (Research Associate in the Department of Biology, Washington University and at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis MO), "High and Dry: Crop Diversity of Terraced and Wadi-Irrigated Gardens in Yemen."

Blumi, Isa (Ph.D. candidate, Middle Eastern History, New York University), "The Consequences of Empire: Identity in Yemen and Albania during the Ottoman Empire."

Day, Stephen (Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Government, Georgetown University), "Local - Central Politics in Post-Unity Yemen."

Jayyusi, Salma K. (Director of East-West Nexus/PROTA, Cambridge MA), "Human Rights in Yemeni Texts."

Moore, Pete (Ph.D. candidate, Political Science, McGill University [U.S. citizen]), "Business and State in Yemen."

Pomerantz, Maurice (Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago), Advanced Arabic; research interest: the Rasulid Dynasty and its place in trade and the social patterns of the 13-15th centuries.

Stanfield-Johnson, Rosemary (Adjunct Professor, New York University and Hofstra University), "A Search for Links between Zaydi Shi'ism in Tabaristan and the Twelver Dispensation of the 16th Century in Iran."

Wilhite, Vincent (Ph.D. candidate, Department of History, Ohio State University), "Guerrilla Warfare in 19th Century Yemen and advanced Arabic study."

1996-97 Fellowship Awards

Al-Marashi, Ibrahim (Georgetown University), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research interests: Hadrami migrations; Yemeni communities in the U.S.

Alexander, Nicholas (University of Pennsylvania), "Charitable Exchange in a Hadramawt Town" (pre-doctoral; diss.). Resigned.

Badran, Margot (University of Chicago), "Yemeni Women's Gender Activism: From Feminism to Islamism" (post-doctoral; NMERTA Group Grant, with three project fellows).

Borelli, Caterina (Independent film maker, New York; joint project with Pamela Jerome, Columbia University), "The Architecture of Mud."

Bou-Saba, Souad (University of Chicago, Middle Eastern Studies; NMERTA group project fellow, project director: Margot Badran).

Boxberger, Linda (University of Texas, Austin), "Institutional Change in Hadramawt under the Rule of Sultan Salih al-Qu'aiti" (post-doctoral).

Burrowes, Robert D. (University of Washington), "Economic Reforms, Socioeconomic Effects, and the Resultant Political Environment of the 1997 National Elections in the Republic of Yemen" (AIYS post-doctoral).

Chorin, Ethan (University of California, Berkeley), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research interest: "Transportation Infrastructure Development in Yemen" (pre-doctoral).

Colburn, Marta R. (Portland State University, OR; group project, see Jon Mandaville, "The 'Samasir of Sana'a").

Day, Steven (Georgetown University), "Political Change in Local Government Administration in Yemen" (pre-doctoral; diss.).

Feener, R. Michael (Boston University), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research interest: "The Hadrami Migrations of the 19th Century and the Development of Southeast Asian Muslim Communities" (pre-doctoral).

Freeman, Andrew (University of Michigan), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research interest: "Yemeni Arabic Dialects and the Introduction of High-Tech Vocabulary" (pre-doctoral).

Ghadiali, Durriya (University of Texas, Austin), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research topic: "The Legacy of Queen Arwa bint Ahmed al- Sulayhi (1049-1137)" (pre-doctoral).

Hawkins, Lorraine (SUNY Binghamton). "Women and Education in Yemen: Girls Going to School" (pre-doctoral; diss.). Resigned.

Hirsch, David (UCLA), "Bibliographic Access to Official Publications from the Yemen Republic" (AIYS general fellowship).

Jerome, Pamela (Columbia University; joint project with Caterina Borelli), "The Architecture of Mud."

Johnson, J. Zakariah (University of Minnesota, interdisciplinary archaeology; NMERTA group project fellow; project director: Joy McCorriston).

Mandaville, Jon E. (Portland State University, OR; group project), "The 'Samasir of Sana'a" (post-doctoral).

McCorriston, Joy (University of Minnesota), "Roots of Arabian Agriculture: Exploring Early Settlement Economies in Southern Yemen" (NMERTA Group Grant, with one graduate project fellow and one post-doctoral researcher; this project has major support from other funding agencies including the University of Minnesota research fund).

Michael, Barbara (University of Alabama at Birmingham), "The Sociocultural Context of Herbal Medicine Usage in Yemen" (post-doctoral).

Miller, Whitney Flagg (University of Michigan), "Regional Identity and Cassette Poetry in Yafi" (pre-doctoral; diss.).

Monaghan, Kerry Lynn (University of South Carolina), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research interest: International Studies (pre-doctoral; 3 terms).

Oches, Eric A. (University of Minnesota, Geology and Geophysics; NMERTA group project fellow, project director: Joy McCorriston).

Paluck, Bruce T. (Independent architectural restoration expert, Portland OR; group project, see Jon E. Mandaville, "The 'Samasir' of Sana'a").

Rashid, Miryam Amin (University of Chicago, Middle Eastern Studies; NMERTA group project fellow, project director: Margo Badran).

Rothman, Steven J. (Georgetown University), "Television in Yemen: Electronic Media and National Identity" (pre-doctoral).

Schuyler, Philip D. (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), "The Theory and Practice of Sung Poetry in Yemen" (post-doctoral).

Schwedler, Jillian M. (New York University), "Political Inclusion in Yemen" (pre-doctoral; diss.).

Usmani, Farah Z. (University of Chicago, Middle Eastern Studies; NMERTA group project fellow, project director: Margot Badran).

Vandewalle, Diederik (Dartmouth College), NMERTA Arabic fellow; research project: "Resource Booms and the Politics of Economic Policy Making" (post-doctoral; part of a multi-country investigation of which other components were supported by a Fulbright grant).

Walters, Delores M. (Colgate University), "Murshidat, Midwives, and Nurses: Women Transforming Health Care and Social Relations in Yemen" (post-doctoral).

Wildman, Derek (New York University), "Historical Biogeography of Mammals from Yemen" (NMERTA pre-doctoral; diss.).

Zimmerman, Paul C. (University of Pennsylvania), "Middle Hadramawt Archaeological Survey" (pre-doctoral, diss.)

1995-96 Fellowship Awards

Alexander, Nicholas (University of Pennsylvania), "Yemeni Tribal Oral Poetry (NMERTA fellow, pre-doctoral).

Begy, Brian F. (University of Chicago), NMERTA Arabic language fellow and "Indian Ocean Trade in the 19th Century" (pre-doctoral).

Edens, Christopher (Independent scholar, Philadelphia PA), NMERTA post-doctoral group project "Survey in the Dhamar Plain."

Gilbert, Erik (University of Vermont), "Commerical Links between East Africa and Southern Arabia" (NMERTA post-doctoral).

Glanzmann, William (University of Vancouver [U.S. citizen]), "Archaeological Survey" (AIYS post-doctoral).

Kangas, Beth (University of Arizona), "Transnational Searches for a Cure: Yemeni Medical Migration in the 20th Century" (AIYS pre-doctoral).

Keffury, J. Todd (University of Pennsylvania), NMERTA Arabic and familiarization language fellow (pre-doctoral).

Kuntz, Patricia C. (University of Wisconsin), NMERTA Arabic fellow and "A Study of Foreign Language Learning at the Yemen Language Center" (post-doctoral).

Michael, Barbara (University of Alabama, Birmingham), NMERTA Arabic language and familiarization (post-doctoral).

Roochnik, Paul (independent scholar, Washington D.C/Virginia), "Dialectology Study" (AIYS post-doctoral).

Schaefer, Charles (Valparaiso University), "Economic History of the Red Sea Littoral, 1890-1940: Capital Transfer in the Silver Shadow-Economy" (NMERTA post-doctoral).

Swartz, Frank (Ohio State University), NMERTA Arabic language and familiarization fellow (pre-doctoral).

Taylor, Christopher (Drew University), "Archival Research" (NMERTA post-doctoral).

Tipton, Frank (MIT), "Social Construction in Aden (NMERTA fellow, pre-doctoral).

Um, Nancy (UCLA), NMERTA Arabic language fellow and "Social Spaces for Coffee Trade and Coffee Consumption" (pre-doctoral).

Walwer, Gregory, (Yale University), "Paleolithic Biocultural Adaptations in Southwestern Arabia" (pre-doctoral, diss.). Resigned due to medical emergency.

1994-95 Fellowship Awards

Buchman, David (SUNY Stonybrook), "Informal Islamic Education: The Transmission and Interpretation of Muslim Teachings in Contemporary Yemen" (pre-doctoral).

Burrowes, Robert (University of Washington), "North Yemen's First Generation Modernists and Educational Emigrants: The "Famous Forty" and their Cohorts, 1947-present" (post-doctoral; Scholar-in-Residence)

Edens, Christopher (Independent scholar, Mansfield CT), "Prehistory in the Dhamar Plain: Survey" (post-doctoral).

Kangas, Beth (University of Arizona), "An Oral History of Health Services in Yemen: Practitioner and Community Perspectives" (pre-doctoral).

McNally, Sheila (University of Minnesota), "Incense Production in Southern Arabia: Developing an Archaeological Project" (post-doctoral).

Miller, Flagg (University of Michigan), "Humeini in Hadhramaut: Poetry and Practice" (pre-doctoral).

1993-94 Fellowship Awards

Clark, Janine M. (University of New Hampshire), "Civil Society and Democratization: A Case Study of Yemeni Civil Associations" (post-doctoral).

Donohue, Kathleen (University of Chicago), "Floristic Diversity, and Demography and Ecology in Southern Yemen" (post-doctoral).

Faber, Sabrina (East Carolina State University) and Richard Mannesto (East Carolina State University), "An Historical and Archaeological Investigation into Yemen's Maritime Heritage and its Traditional Boatbuilding Industry" (pre-doctoral).

Lang, Katherine Howe (University of Chicago), "Awa'il in Early Arabic Historiography: Traditions of Conduct in Warfare and the Evolution of Historical Consciousness" (pre-doctoral).

McMahon, Augusta M. (University of Chicago), "Archaeological Survey in the Wadi Habban" (post-doctoral).

1992-93 Fellowship Awards

al-Radi, Selma (Independent scholar, New York NY) and Sadek, Noha (Smithsonian Institution), "The Painted Mosques of Yemen" (post-doctoral).

Danner-Fadae, Mary Ann (Indiana University), "Translation of Raoufa Hassan's Lives of Yemeni Women" (post-doctoral).

Ewald, Janet (Duke University), "Crossing the Red Sea: Trade, Transport, and Labor, 1800-1930" (post-doctoral).

Good, Irene (University of Pennsylvania), "Southern Tihama Paleo- Environmental Study Project" (pre-doctoral).

Haykel, Bernard (St. John's College, Oxford [U.S. citizen]), "Yemeni Social and Intellectual History in the 19th and 20th Centuries" (pre-doctoral).

Jolly, Clifford J. (New York University) and Conroy, Jane E. Phillips (Washington University), "The Baboons of Jabal Bura: A Pilot Investigation" (post-doctoral).

Kangas, Beth (University of Arizona), "Healthcare Utilization in Sana'a" (pre-doctoral).

Powers, Paul (University of Chicago), "The Zaydi Imamate in 19th and 20th Century Yemen" (pre-doctoral).

Reese, Scott (University of Pennsylvania), "The Role of Yemeni Merchant Networks and Local Alliances in the Establishment of the Somali Hobyo Sultanate in the Late 19th Century" (pre-doctoral).

Schmitz, Charles (University of California at Berkeley), "Impact of Marketization on the Former PDRY" (pre-doctoral).

Taminian, Lucine (University of Michigan), "Market, Text, and Context in Yemen" (pre-doctoral).

Walters, Delores (University of the Pacific), "Women and Social Transformations in the Republic of Yemen: The Interrelation of Social Status, Race, and Gender" (post-doctoral).

1991-92 Fellowship Awards

Boxberger, Linda (University of Texas at Austin), "Social and Economic History of the Hadramawt in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century, 1880-1936" (pre-doctoral).

Haykel, Bernard (St. John's College, Oxford [U.S. citizen]), "The Zaydi-Wahhabi Encounter in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries in Yemen" (pre-doctoral).

Ho, Eng-Seng (University of Chicago), "Space and Social Differentiation in Hadrami Society" (pre-doctoral).

Stevenson, Thomas B. (Ohio University at Zanesville), "Forced Return Migration: A Socioeconomic Case Study" (post-doctoral).

Zysow, Aron (University of Washington), "Yemeni Usul-al-Fiqh Literatures" (post-doctoral).

Yemeni Curators-in-Residence Fellowships

2004-2005 Competition

Abdul-Wahab, Mahboob Mohamed (Marine Science and Resources Center, Labour Island, Aden), "Assessment of Shrimp Stocks in the Eastern Waters of Yemen."

Ahmed, Nada Al-Syed Hassan (Faculty, University of Aden, Biology Dept., College of Education), "Chemical and Biological Analysis of Drinking Water in Some Primary and Secondary Schools in Aden City."

Ali, Nasser Abdullah Awadh (Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Aden University), "Ethnopharmacognostical Study of Socotra."

Asrar, Fatima Fouad Abo Al- (DFID Development Officer, British Embassy, Sana'a), "Promoting Democracy, Between Reality and Implementation in Yemen."

Hababy, Adel Mohammed Al-, "An Effect of Fishery Activities on Coral Reef Conditions at Northwest Kamaran Island, Red Sea West Coast of Yemen."

Kafayan, Fahd Saliim (Reporter, Saba Wire Service and High School Teacher), "An Analysis of the Characteristics of Soqotri Poetry."

Mansoob, Muhammed Abdul Kareem Al- (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sana'a University), "Analyzing Birth Intervals of Yemeni Mothers."

2003-2004 Competition

Al-Ghauri, Aziz Abdulbaqi (graduate student in archaeology, Sana'a University), "The Ma'afer Project: An Archaeological and Ethnological Study: The Western Ma'afer" (joint project with Sami Ghalib and Bashir Saeed).

Ahmed, Naji Abduh Sultan (post-doctoral; Research Assistant in the Faculty of Agriculture, Sana'a University), "Studies on Some Fungi Leaf Spots of the Potato Crop."

Alhag, Mohey Aldean Ali M. (post-doctoral; Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Agricultural Economy and Extension, Sana'a University), "An Analytical Study Project of the Economic Variables Affecting the Production and Marketing of Yemeni Coffee."

Al-Hejri, Kamal Ali Mohammad (teacher in Saif bin thee Yazan High School, Ministry of Education), "Yemeni Folk Poetry & Life's Experiences."

Al-Maqtari, Mahmoud Ahmad Thabet (post-doctoral; Assistant Professor of English, Faculty of Art, Ibb University), "Promoting Democratic Values Among University Students of English."

Al-Sunaidi, Mohammad Ali (Teaching Assistant, College of Education, Saber Lahej, University of Adent), "Field Survey of Chemical Pesticides Used for the Control of Agricultural Pests in Lahej, Abyen, Hadhramaut, Taiz and Dhale Governorates (Toxic and Risk Classifications According to WHO Criteria)."

Bahaj, Ashar Ahmed Saeed (Reader, College of Education, University of Aden), "Street Children in the Main Cities of Yemen: Study in Human Rights Geography."

Fare'a, Aref Mohammad Abdu Allah (Lecturer, University of Ibb), "Yemeni Texts on the Wahabi Movement in the Arabian Peninsula."

Ghalib, Sami Sharaf Mohamed (graduate student in archaeology, Sana'a University), "The Ma'afer Project: The Eastern Ma'afer" (joint project with Aziz Al-Ghauri and Bashir Saeed).

Garallah, Abdurahman Hasan (post-doctoral; Assistant Professor of Islamic Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Sana'a), "The Style of Mosques Still Standing in Yemen."

Hambalaha, Hassan Ahmed Abdu (Lecturer in the Geography Section, Faculty of Education, University of Aden), "Hydrochemistry and Pollution in the Taiz Basin."

Naseem, Alzubair Ayash (post-doctoral; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Aden), "Improvement of Census Questionnaires, Birth and Death Certificates."

Radman, Hayat (graduate student in geography, University of Aden), "Spatial Relationships of the Female Workforce in Yemen."

Saeed, Bashir Abdu al-Rageeb (graduate student in archaeology, Sana'a University), "The Ma'afer Project: The Middle Ma'afer" (joint project with Aziz Al-Ghauri and Sami Ghalib.

2002-2003 Competition

Al-Ansi, Khalid Ali Mohammad (Archaeologist, General Organization for Archaeology and Museums, Ibb), "Fieldwork in Broqsh/Barakish and Pottery Study of the Islamic Period, 8th - 18th Centuries, AD."

Al-Haj, Mehdi Ahmed (Head of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department; Pharmacy Division, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, University of Aden), "Determination of Pesticide Residues in Khat (Qat) by Using Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC Method."

Al-Jeredi, Ali Omer Awad (Extension Department, Wadi Hadhramaut), "Factors Affecting Adoption of Innovations Among Farmers in Wadi Hadhramaut, Yemen."

Al-Majid, Najmi Abd (Journalist, 14 October. Aden), "'Fatat al-Jazirah' and the Formation of Civil Society in Aden, 1940-1967."

Al-Mikhlafi, Abdullah Ghalib Nagi (Head of the Monetary & Financial Science Dept., Taiz University), "The Special Investment at the Economical Improvement Policies in Yemen: Obstacles and Solutions."

Al-Muwadda, Abdulnasser Hussein (Independent writer; Ministry of Industry), "The Political Practice of the Yemeni Tribe and the Democratic System: A Comparative Study."

Al-Sagaf, Ali Ahmed (Assistant Professor, Aden University), "Determinants of Poverty in Yemen."

Al-Sunaidi, Saleh Mohammed Abdurrah (Graduate student, University of Aden; Trainer, Giar Agricultural Training Center), "A Study of the Ecology and the Biology of the Coffee Berry Moth, Prophantis Smaragdina, and the Application of Plant Extracts for its Control in Yahar (Yafe'a), Republic of Yemen."

Assag, Mohammed Abdullah Mahyoub (Head of Biocontrol Section, Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation, General Department of Plant Protection), "The Study of Entomopathogens of Lepidopterous Pests of Rain-fed Crops in the Central Highland of Yemen."

Ismail, Rokhsana M. (Director, Women's Research & Training Center and Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Aden), "The Role of Society in Improving the Situation of Cleanliness in Yemen."

Noh, Tanuf Salim (poet), "The Poetry of West Soqotra, Part II."

2001-2002 Competition

Abdul Hameed, Shawqi Mohammed, "The Yemeni Plastic Arts Movement."

Al-Eryani, Lena Abdul Hameed, "The Attitudes of Final-Year Female Students at Sana'a University towards Women's Employment."

Al-Makhlafi, Abdullah Mohammed Othman and Al-Amieri, Ahmed Ali Mohammed, "The Family's Environmental Awareness and their Roles for Protecting the Environment in the Republic of Yemen."

Al-Nakhee, Mohammed Abed Raibah, "Land Uses in Khormaksar Province."

Ba-Angood, Saeed Abdulla, "Management of Termites in Souther Abyan Governorate, Republic of Yemen."

Bawazir, Gamal Mohammed, "Different Coastal and Marine Environments in Aden and the Effect of Human Activity."

Muqbil, Abdulwali Hazza, "The Effect of Agricultural Credit on Agricultural Development in Yemen."

Noh, Tanuf Salim, "The Poetry of West Soqotra."

Taye, Anis Ahmed Abdulla, "The Roles of Gender Embodied in the Books of Basic Education in Yemen."

2000-2001 Competition

Abidi, Badr Saleh, "An Econometric Analysis of the Future Path of the Yemeni Economy."

Al-Asbahy, Haifa Ahmed, "Active Women in Public Work: Impediments and Supporting Factors."

Al-Eyzi, Haider Ali Nagi, "Prince and Imam Abdullah bin Hamid Addin: His Life and Political Role 1913-1955."

Al-Fakih, Abdullah, "The Rise and Fall of Democracy in Yemen."

Al-Maitami, Mohammed A., "Unemployment and Labor Market's Perspective in Yemen."

Al-Makhlafi, Hamoud K., "The Role of Some Social Traditions, Habits, and Other Factors in Limiting Yemeni Women's Food: A Study of Rural and Urban Sana'a, Republic of Yemen."

Al-Udayni, Maresh Ahmed Saeed, "The Effect of Land Roads on Urbanization Growth in Yemen Comparative to Paved Roads."

Amshoosh, Masood Saeed, "The Image of the Muwalladin in the Indian Archipelago: An Analytic and Comparative Study."

Bawazir, Abdul Aziz Ahmed, "Collection of Sorghum Land Races and Their Wild Ancestors in the Southern Coastal Zone of Yemen."

Heba, Hassan M. A., "A Study on the Distribution of Some Trace Metals in Fish from Hodeida (Red Sea)."

Jubari, Bilqis Mohammed, "Marital Adjustment in Yemen and its Impact on Children's Psychology and Health."

1999-2000 Competition

Al-Faquih, Abdullah Ahmed A. (Chief of Labor Force, Republican Hospital at Sana'a), "Yemeni Family Attitudes toward Reproductions and its Correlations with Some Variables."

Al-Hamdani, Abd Al-Hakeen Taher (Researcher, Empirical Research and Women's Studies Center, Sana'a University), "Women's Inheritance in Texts and Practice."

Al-Kathiri, Ghazi Rashad Ali (Agricultural Researcher, Seiyum Agricultural Research Center), "Integrated Weed Control on Onion Crop (IPM)."

Al-Modi, Mohamed Othman (Lecturer, Faculty of Applied Science, University of Hadramawt), "Preliminary Studies in Fungal Pathogens on Onions: Indentification, Chemical Control, and Variety Resistance."

Almegdad, Mohsen Almegdad Ali (Researcher, Empirical Research and Women's Studies Center, Sana'a University), "Women's Projects Financed by International Donors in the Yemen Republic: Its Feasibility, Effect, and Sustainability."

Daifalla, Ahmed (Consultant Cardiologist and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Sana'a University), "Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Yemen."

Hanbola, Hassan Ahmed (Teacher, Ghnim Secondary School, Aden), "Water Resources and Problems of Consumption in the City of Taiz."

Khanbash, Mohammed Saeed (Lecturer/Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Aden), "A Study of the Mechanisms of Yemeni Bee Resistance Tolerance to the Varroa Mite."

Shamsan, Naziha Ahmed (Librarian, Empirical Research and Women's Studies Center, Sana'a University), "High Fertility and Using Family Planning Methods in Yemen."

1998-99 Competition

Abughanim, Abdulellah A. (Associate Professor, Department of Soil and Water, Sana'a University), "The Major Soil Subgroups of the Al- Bawn area: Their Characteristics and Evaluation."

Abduh, Sultan Naji (Assistant Specialist in the Department of Crop Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sana'a), "Integrated Control of Potato Diseases."

Al-Ghabiri, Othman Mohammed Mohammed (Horticultural Specialist and Director of Agricultural Affairs, Agricultural Office for the Northern Regions, Sana'a), "Placement of Fruit-Bearing Trees in Yemen and Prospects for Improvement."

Al-Masoudi, Abd al-Aziz Qaid (Assistant Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, Sana'a University), "Muhammed al-Zubeiri and Hezb Allah in Yemen: 1962-1965."

Al-Mikhlafi, Ahmad Hamoud Hatem (Researcher, Center for Empirical Research and Women's Studies, Sana'a University), "Women Heads of Households: Empirical Study of a Sample of Women in Sana'a and Aden."

Al-Mikhlati, Saeed Muhammad Qaid (Researcher in Sociology, Center for Empirical Research and Women's Studies, Sana'a University), "The Position of Women in Political Parties and Yemeni Organizations."

Basahih, Jamal Saeed Ubaid (Plant and Crop Protection Specialist, Seyoun Crop Protection Unit, Office of Agriculture and Irrigation, Hadramawt Province), "Oligonychus Afrasiaticus and its Organic Enemies in Various Types of Palms in Wadi Hadramawt."

Humaid, Fatima Muhammad (Researcher in the Center for Empirical Research and Women's Studies, Sana'a University), "Female Circumcision and 'Female Reduction' in Yemen: Applied Study of the Villages of Harad/Midi/Abas/Zubaid."

Kanzal, Muhsin Umar Salim (Lecturer, Nasser College of Agricultural Science, University of Aden), "Preliminary Study for the Classification of Degrees of Quality for Eight Kinds of Wheat Grown in Yemen."

Thabit, Hamid Abdulmajid (Assistant Professor in Economics, Nasser College of Agricultural Science, University of Aden), "Study of the Economics of the Production of Broilers."

1997-98 Competition

Al-Saqqaf, Alawi "Survey of Archaeological Findings in the Hadramout" (museum documentation project, including data collection, analysis, and data base formation).

Rashid, Abd al-Razak, "Survey of prehistoric sites in the Sana'a basin."

Al-Hadrami, Arafat, "Sufism in the Tihamah and its Impact on Society."

1996-97 Competition

al-Maitami, Mohamed Abd al-Wahed "Economic Reform in Yemen."

Ali, Showqi Shafeeq "The Veil and Women's Situations in South Yemen" (joint project with:

Mahmood, Nigmi Abd al-Mageed and al-Attas, Hoda Omer).

Balafier, Mohamed Saleh "Islamic History of Yemen from Historical and Archaeological Sources (1st-10th Centuries)."

Bin Ali, Hisham Ali "Cultural Life in Aden during the Period 1900-1960."

1995-96 Competition

al-Aug, Abd al-Karim "A Study of Local Level Politics."

Anaam, Mahyoub Ali "A Comparative Study of Characteristics of Science and Nonscience Majors in Yemeni High Schools."

Ghaleb, Abdu Othman "Excavation at Kharab al-Majeir in Habur, Hamdan."

1994-95 Competition

al-Amri, Hussain Abdulla "Editing of Nashwan's Lexicon."

al-Arousi, Mohammed "Catalogue of Manuscripts in Private Libraries in Underground Zabid."

al-Mamari, Sultan Abd al-Aziz "Tribal Conflicts in the Western Area of Taiz Government Between 1919-1962."

al-Salahi, Hamood "The Imamate's School in the Historiography of Yemen."

Ghanem, Nizar "Yemeni Studies in Music and Medicine."

Jazm, Mohammed (Independent scholar, Sana'a), "The Muzaffar Court Archive Project: Edition of a Thirteenth Century Doomsday Book."

Seif, Hoda "Beyond Islam: Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Multiplicity of Identities in Yemen."

1993-94 Competition

al-Alimi, Rashid Mohammed (Sana'a University) and Sharafuddin, Muhammad (Sana'a University), "Trends of Members of Parliament."

al-Hibshi, Abdullah (Independent scholar, Sana'a University), "Critical Edition of Kitab A'lam al-zaman of al-Khazraji."

al-Nood, Mohammad (Washington University), "The Bronze Age Culture of the Northern Yemeni Highlands."

1992-93 Competition

al-Madhagi, Ahmad Noman (Sana'a University), "A Case Study of Superpower - Small State Relations, 1962-1990."

al-Sharki, Amatalraouf Hassan (Sana'a University), "Yemeni Women's Stories."

Dubaie, Abdul-Rahman S. (Sana'a University), "Survey and Classification of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Yemen."

Jazm, Muhammad Abd al-Rahim (Independent scholar; Editor-in-chief, Al-Eklil Magazine), "Ethnographic Studies on Four Groups of Handicrafts in Yemen: Small boat building, leather projects, silver and goldsmithing, and textile weaving."

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowships for East European Scholars

2004-2005 Competition

Kolodziejczyk, Dariusz Wlodzimierz (Associate Professor, Institute of History, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland), "Northern and Southern Ottoman Borders in the Early Modern Period from the Crimea to Yemen."

Malecka, Anna (Senior Lecturer, Art History Institute, Wyszynski University, Warsaw (Poland), "Wealth of Arabia Felix: Precious Stones, Gems, and Jewelry."

2003-2004 Competition

Cerny, Viktor (Institute of Archaeology, Prague, Czech Republic), "The Archaeogenetics of Yemeni Populations."

Mothana, Obadi Saleh (Institute of Slovak and World Economy, Bratislava, Slovak Republic), "The Externl Trade between Yemen and the EU and USA."

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