New Collection of Articles by R. B. Serjeant

Reviewed by Daniel Martin Varisco

Yemen Update 30/31 (1992):39

The most prolific writer in the field of Yemeni Studies is Dr. R. B. Serjeant, professor emeritus of Arabic at Cambridge University. Unfortunately, many of Prof. Serjeant's articles are difficult to locate, even in the best libraries. Variorum Press has once again come to the aid of the scholarly community with a second publication of articles by Prof. Serjeant. This is Customary and Shari'ah Law in Arabian Society. The new volume contains 18 selections, many of them from the late 80's. Many of these articles have been published since the publication of the Serjeant festschrift in 1983. The following is a list of articles:

I. "The Da'if and the Mustad'af and the status accorded them in the Qur'an," J. for Islamic Studies(Johannesburg) VII: 32-47, 1987.

II. "The Caliph 'Umar's letters to Abu Musaal-Ash'ari and Mu'awiya," J. of Semitic Studies XXIX: 65-79,1984.

III. "The Interplay between tribal affinities and religious (Zaydi) authority in the Yemen," al-Abhath XXX:11-50, 1982.

IV. "The 'Awdhillah Confederation with some reference to al-Hamdani," In al-Hamdani: A Great Yemeni Scholar. Studies on the Occasion of his Millennial Anniversary, edited by Y. Abdullah, pp. 91-109, 1986.Sanaa.

V. "Dawlah, tribal shaykhs, the Mansab of the Waliyyah Sa'dah, qasamah, in the Fadli sultanate, South Arabian Federation," In Arabian Studies in Honour of Mahmoudal-Ghul, edited by M. Ibrahim, pp. 134-160, 1989. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

VI. "Yafi', Zaydis, Al Bu Bakr b. Salim and others: Tribes and Sayyids," In On both Sides of al-Mandab: Ethiopian, South-Arabic and Islamic Studies presented to Oscar Lofgren on his ninetieth birthday 13 May 1988 by his colleagues and friends, pp. 83-105, 1988. Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul.

VII. "The Ma'n 'Gypsies' of the West Aden Protectorate," Anthropos LVI:737-749, 1961.

VIII. "A Judeo-Arab house deed from Habban(with notes on the former Jewish communities of the Wahidi Sultanate)," J. of the Royal Asiatic Society, pp. 117-131,1953.

IX. "Famine death without loss of honour in ancient Arabia and Yemeni Arhab," Bull. of the School of Oriental and African Studies L:527-528, 1987.

X. "The 'White Dune' at Abyan: an ancient place of pilgrimage in Southern Arabia," J. of Semitic Studies XVI:74-83, 1971.

XI. ""Forms of plea: a Shafi'i manual fromal-Shihr," Rivista degli Studi Orientali XXX:1-15,1955.

XII. "Two tribal law cases (documents)(Wahidi Sultanate, South-West Arabia)," J. of the Royal Asiatic Society, pp. 33-47, 156-169, 1951.

XIII. "Recent marriage legislation fromal-Mukalla, with notes on marriage customs," Bull. of the School of Oriental and African Studies XXV:472-498.

XIV. "Sex, birth, circumcision: some notes from south-west Arabia," In Hermann von Wissmann Festschrift,edited by A. Leidlmair, pp. 193-208, 1962. Tübingen.

XV. "Maritime customary law off the Arabian coasts," In Sociétés et compagnies de commerce enOrient et dans l'Océan Indien. Actes du VIIIième Colloque International Maritime, (Beyrouth 5-10 septembre, 1966),edited by. M. Mollat, pp. 195-207, 1970. Paris.

XVI. "Omani naval activities off the Southern Arabian coast in the late 11th/17th century," J. of Oman Studies VI:77-89.

XVII. "Notices on the "Frankish Chancre"(syphilis) in Yemen, Egypt and Persia," J. of Semitic StudiesX:241-252, 1965.

XVIII. "Notes on some aspects of Arab business practices in Aden," In al-Bahit : Festschrift Joseph Henninger, Anthropos XXVIII:309-315.

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