Journals and Periodicals Concerned with Yemen

Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy (ISSN 0905-7196)
This journal serves as a forum for study in archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, and early history of countries on the Arabian Peninsula. For further information, consult the website at

The British-Yemeni Society Journal (ISSN 1356-0229)
This small journal contains articles primarily about activities and research of British scholars and travelers. The major articles are referenced in Index Yemenicus. The society is a registered charity in Britain. For subscription, contact the British-Yemeni Society, c/o 21 Collingham Road, London SW5 ONU, United Kingdom.

Jemen-Report (ISSN 0930-1488)
This is the Mitteilungen der Deutsch-Jemenitischen Gesellschaft and is published in German twice a year. This nicely illustrated journal has scholarly articles, as well as information about German-Yemeni relations and items of interest to travelers to Yemen. It frequently contains up-to-date economic and political information about Yemen. The major articles are referenced in Index Yemenicus. For subscription, contact Deutsch-Jemenitischen Gesellschaft, Erwinstrasse 52, 79102 Freiburg, Germany. The editor is Dr. Horst Kopp, Weiherakkerweg 10, 91080 Rathsberg, Germany.

The Lammergeier
Newsletter of The Yemen Ornithological Society (POB 2002, Sanaa , Yemen). Membership of the society is available for $20. Contact the Secretary, Mr. David B. Stanton (fax = 967-1-234-438.

Mamluk Studies Review
This is devoted to the study of the Mamluk sultanate of Egypt and Syria (648-922/1250-1517), which coincides roughly with the Rasulid dynasty in Yemen. The price of volume 1 is a hefty $90, which is a telling point for encouraging electronic publication of specialty journals. Volume 1 contains articles by Donald P. Little ("Documents as a Source for Mamluk History"), Li Guo ("Mamluk Historiographic Studies: The State of the Art"), W. W. Clifford ("Ubi Sumus? Social Theory and Mamluk Studies"), T. Emil Homerin ("Reflections on Poetry in the Mamluk Age"), Doris Behrens-Abouseif (The Mamal Tradition and the Pilgrimage of the Ladies in the Mamluk Court"), Donald Whitcomb ("Mamluk Archaeological Studies: A Review"), and Leonor Fernandes ("Mamluk Architecture and the Question of Patronage"), along with 23 book reviews. For further information, please contact the editor, Bruce D. Craig, MEDOC, 5828 South University Avenue, Pick Hall 201, Chicago, IL 60637.

New Arabian Studies (ISSN: 1351-4709)
This journal started in 1993 as a revival of Arabian Studies, which had ceased publication through Cambridge University Press. It usually contains articles pertaining to Yemen. The current editors are G. Rex Smith, J. R. Smart, and B. R. Pridham. For subscription information, contact University of Exeter Press, Reed Hall, Streatham Drive, Exeter, EX4 4QR, United Kingdom.

The Phoenix
This bulletin is concerned with the birdlife of the Arabian Peninsula, including Yemen. Contact the editor, Michael Jennings, 1 Warners Farm, Warners Drove, Somersham, Cambridgeshire, PE17 3HW, United Kingdom (phone: 44-1487-841-733, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Yemen Update
This is the official bulletin of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies. It started out as AIYS Newsletter in January, 1979 with a first issue of 8 pages. This remained a small newsletter with information about research in Yemen and a few short articles until Jon Mandaville took over as editor in July 1985 (issue #18), expanding it to include more bibliographic information, longer articles and an Arabic section. By the end of 1989 this newsletter had reached 30 plus pages per issue. In 1991 Dan Varisco became editor (issue #28/29) and changed the name to Yemen Update. In 1992 the newsletter became a bulletin with most issues averaging 48 pages. In 1993 the section "Index Yemenicus" began as a guide to new publications on Yemen. Yemen Update is provided free of charge to members of AIYS. For information on joining AIYS, contact Dr. Maria Ellis, Executive Director, AIYS, POB 311, Ardmore, PA 19003-0311.


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