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Individual AIYS members receive the annual bulletin Yemen Update, as well as occasional publications as they appear. They also may use the facilitative services provided by the AIYS office in Sana'a, and may request lodging in the AIYS hostel in Sana'a.

Annual individual membership fees are $10 for students and emeriti, $25 for individuals, and $250 for institutions and corporations. Applications for student membership must show evidence of student status. Individual members receiving mail outside of the U.S. should add $10 to the cost of membership. Multiple-year memberships are accepted. For information on or application forms for institutional or corporate membership contact the AIYS Executive Director.

Application can be made by mail or online.  For online applications, first fill out and submit the online membership form, then use the Paypal option below to make your payment.  

To mail your application, payment by check or postal money order, drawn in U.S. dollars payable to AIYS, should be sent along with a printed membership form to:

American Institute for Yemeni Studies
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Because of restrictions on negotiating foreign-origin U.S. dollar checks, persons paying from abroad should use a foreign-origin check in U.S. dollars only if the bank has -- and the check shows -- both an ABA number and a bank transit number. Alternative modes for international payment that do seem to work include direct electronic transfer from bank to bank, International Postal Money Order, and Western Union Money Order.




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Membership fees and tax-deductible contributions over the years have supported AIYS in its continuous growth and helped it to enlarge and adapt the programs that support American research in Yemen. Today they are needed more than ever to support specific purposes such as the AIYS library, the fellowship program for Yemeni citizens, supporting our Yemeni staff, supporting the arts in Yemen, or contributing to our US scholarship funds. Your contribution will be of great help in sustaining these efforts.

AIYS is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization exempt from taxes under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (Federal EIN # 36- 2979533). Voluntary contributions to aid in AIYS' work are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

You may donate on online by submitting the online membership/donation form and pay the Paypal (including credit card) options, or send a check or money order to AIYS  and sending the printed version of the donation form.

Donations may be made to a specific fund or to our general funds.

Support a Special Fund

Donations to these special funds will go directly to the budgets for each of the following programs:

Abdulkarim Al-Eryani Yemeni Scholarship Fund


At this critical time in Yemen’s history there is a need to support Yemeni scholars in all fields as they help frame the country’s future, document its present and explore its rich cultural heritage of the past.  AIYS is pleased to announce a new scholarship only for Yemeni scholars, who have little access to research funding. Named in honor of the distinguished Yemeni diplomat, Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani, this fund solicits donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.  Applications by Yemeni scholars for research in Yemen will be reviewed by a select committee of scholars within the membership of AIYS.  Supporters contributing $100 or more will be listed on the AIYS website.  Every year AIYS receives about fifty applications from Yemeni scholars for funds to carry out their research in Yemen.  Projects range from explorations of environmental health hazards in Yemen and low technology energy generation projects to work on Yemen cultural heritage and the particular issues facing Yemeni women.   Our scholarship fund has been shrinking due to budget cuts, and even small contributions can make a big difference.  The maximum grant for a Yemeni scholar is $2000 and most grants range from $1000 to $1500.

Staff Salaries in Yemen

The fund for Staff Salaries in Yemen supports our Yemeni staff in Sana'a.  There are currently three Yemeni staff members, some of whom have been with us for many years.  Their salaries are very low, and they often need additional funds for medical or other extraordinary expenses.  We support our Yemeni staff as best we can, but our tight budget prevents us from raising the salaries and benefits of the Yemeni staff to the level that they deserve.  Small donations can make a big difference in the lives of our Yemeni staff.

Yemen Artist Fund

The Yemeni Artist Fund supports a new program at AIYS to promote the arts in Yemen.  Talented Yemeni artists lack the financial support available in wealthier parts of the world, yet their talents are no less refined or developed.  AIYS seeks to promote Yemeni artistic talent by making small grants available to Yemeni artists in all mediums.

Library Fund

The Library Fund goes to support the library collection in Sana'a.

US Scholarship Fund

The US Scholarship Fund supports US researchers.  Due to security concerns AIYS is currently prohibited from using Federal funds for research in Yemen.  AIYS still supports US scholars working on topic related to Yemen in other countries.   Typical grants are four to five thousand dollars.


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