Short Stories

van Schoot, Christje M. E.
A Day in the Life of Birdis Bint Mohammed Abdallah YU 28/29 (1991):6-10.

Richards, Thomas J.
Yemeni Dreams YU 43 (2001).


Travel Fiction

Cline, Kenneth
Rambles in Yemen YU 35 (1994:17-21).

Roochnik, Paul
Notes from a Yemen Diary YU 42 (2000).

Varisco, Daniel Martin
After New York ... Before Sanaa: A Postmodern Lufthansa Lullaby YU 40 (1998:24-28).

A Trip to the Hadramawt YU 30/31 (1992:16-20).

Observations on the Baboons in the Garden of the "Bostan Restaurant" YU 28/29 (1991:11-14).


Book Excerpts

Crutch, Phinneas A.
The Queen of Sheba: Her Life and Times. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1922. [YU 36 (1995): 16-19, 37 (1995): 10-20]

Franck, Derek
A Yemeni Passage. New York and Beirut: Azimuth Press, 1998. Chapter 30. [YU 40 (1998):#1]


Book Reviews

Saldana, Stephania
Book Review: They Die Strangers by Mohammad Abdul-Wali


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