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Vol. 1: Political Studies on Yemen (ed. Abdu al-Sharif, 1996; out-of-print)

Sheila Carapico, "The Convergence of Yemeni Capitalism and Yemeni Socialism," a paper given at the Contemporary Yemen Conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, May 1990, and published as "The Economic Dimensions of Yemeni Unity," Middle East Report, 184 (Sept./Oct. 1993).

Charles Dunbar, "The Unification of Yemen: Process, Politics, and Prospects," Middle East Journal, 46/3 (1992), 456-76.

Robert D. Burrowes, "The Republic of Yemen: A Case of Political Unification in Process, 1989-1992." An updated version of this paper, which originally was prepared for the Symposium on Arab Integration, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 9-10 April, 1992, can be found in "The Republic of Yemen: The Politics of Unification and Civil War, 1989-1995," in Michael C. Hudson (ed.), Regional Integration in the Arab World: Problems of Political and Economic Fragmentation, (New York: Columbia University Press, 1998).

Ursula Braun, "Yemen: Another Case of Unification," Aussenpolitik, 11 (1992), 74-84.

Unity and Regional Implications
Nora Colton, "The Silent Victims: Yemeni Migrants Return Home," Oxford International Review, 3/1 (1991), 23-37.

Michael Katz, "Yemeni Unity and Saudi Security," Middle East Policy, 1/1 (1992), 117-35.

Democratization, Society, and Politics
Paul Dresch, "A Daily Plebiscite: Nation and State in Yemen," Revue du Monde Musulman et de la Méditerranée, 64 (1993), 67-77.

Iris Glosemeyer, "The First Yemeni Parliamentary Elections in 1993: Practising Democracy," Orient, 34 (1993), 439-51.

Sheila Carapico, "Yemen's Proto-Civil Society," a paper presented to the American Political Science Association annual meeting, New York, September 1994.

Renaud Detalle, "Pacte d'Amman," Maghreb Machrek, 145 (Jul.-Sept. 1994), 113-22.

Michael C. Hudson, "Unhappy Yemen: Watching the Slide towards Civil War," Middle East Insight (1994), 10-19.

Michael C. Hudson, "Bipolarity, Rational Calculation, and War in Yemen," Arab Studies Journal (Georgetown University), (Spring 1995), 42-53.

Democracy in a World Perspective
Seymour Lipset, "The Relationship Between Economic Development and Democratization."

Vol. 2: Studies on the Ethnology of Yemen (ed. Lucine Taminian, with the assistance of Abd al-Karim al-Aug, 1997)
Adra, Najwa, "The Tribal Concept in the Central Highlands of the Yemen Arab Republic," in Hopkins and Ibrahim (eds.), Arab Society: Social Science Perspectives (Cairo).

Bujra, A.S., "Political Conflict and Stratification in Hadramaut," Middle Eastern Studies, 3 (1967), 355-75.

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Dresch, Paul, "The Significance of the Course Events Take in Segmentary Systems," American Ethnologist, 13/2 (1986), 309-24.

Gerholm, Tomas, Market, Mosque, and Mafraj (1977), pp. 159-91.

Knysh, Alexander, "The Cult of Saints in Hadramawt: An Overview," New Arabian Studies, 1 (1993), 137-52.

Mermier, Franck, "La 'commune' de Sana'a: pouvoir citadin et légitimité religieuse au XIXe siècle," Studies in Oriental Culture and History: Festschrift for Walter Dostal (1993).

Mundy, Martha, "San'a' Dress, 1920-1975," San'a': An Arabian Islamic City (1983), 529-41.

Messick, Brinkley, "Just Writing: Paradox and Political Economy in Yemeni Legal Documents," Cultural Anthropology, 4/1 (1989), 26-50.

Stevenson, Thomas B., "Sports Clubs and Political Integration in the Yemen Arab Republic," International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 24/4 (1989), 299-312.

Varisco, Daniel Martin, "Sayl and Ghayl: The Ecology of Water Allocation in Yemen," Human Ecology

Weir, Shelagh, Qat in Yemen: Consumption and Social Change (1985), pp. 109-48.

Vol. 3: Studies on Women in Yemen (ed. Lucine Taminian, 1997)
Myntti, Cynthia, "Women, Work, Population, and Development in the Yemen Arab Republic," in Julinda Abu Nasr, Nabil F. Khoury, and Henry T. Azzam (eds.), Women, Employment, and Development in the Arab World (1985), pp. 39-58.

Mundy, Martha, "Women's Inheritance of Land in Highland Yemen," Arabian Studies, 5 (1979), 161-87.

Molyneux, Maxine, "The Law, the State, and Socialist Policies with Regard to Women: The Case of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, 1967-1990," in Deniz Kandioti (ed.), Women, Islam, and the State (1991), pp. 237-71.

Dorsky, Susan, Women of Amran: A Middle Eastern Ethnographic Study (1986). Introduction, pp. 9-22; "Women's Perceptions," pp. 185-96; bibliography, pp. 213-23.

Meneley, Anne, Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town (1996), pp. 67-111.

Maclagan, Ianthe, "Food and Gender in a Yemeni Community," in Sami Zubeida and Richard Tapper (eds.), Culinary Cultures of the Middle East (1994), pp. 159-72.

Makhlouf, Carla and Obermeyer, Gerald J., "Women and Social Change in Urban North Yemen," in James Allman (ed.), Women and Fertility in the Muslim World (1978), pp. 333-47.

Al-Imad, Leila, "Women and Religion in the Fatimid Caliphate: The Case of al-Sayyidah al-Hurrah, Queen of Yemen," in Michel M. Mazzaoui and Vera B. Moreen (eds.), Intellectual Studies on Islam (1990), pp. 137-44.

Sadek, Noha, "In the Queen of Sheba's Footsteps: Women Patrons in Rasulid Yemen," Asian Art, 6/2 (1993), 15-27.

Vol. 4: North American Contributions to the Archaeology of Yemen (ed. Noha Sadek, 2001)
Edens, C, and Wilkinson, T.J., "Southwest Arabia during the Holocene: Recent Archaeological developments," Journal of World Prehistory, 12/1 (1998), 55-119.

Wilkinson, T.J., C. Edens, and M. Gibson, "The Archaeology of the Yemen High Plains: A Preliminary Chronology," Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy, 8 (1997), 99-142.

McCorriston, Joy. "Early Settlement in Hadramawt: Preliminary Report on Prehistoric Occupation at Shi`b Munaydir," Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy, 11 (2000), 129-53.

Keall, E.J. "Encountering Megaliths on the Tihamah Coastal Plain of Yemen," Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 27 (1997), 139-47.

Glanzman, William, "Digging deeper: The Results of the First Season of Activities of the AFSM on the Mahram Bilqis," Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 28 (1998), 89-104.

Keall, E.J., "A Second Attempt to Understand the Historical Context of Husn al-'Urr in the Hadramawt," Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 25 (1995), 55-62.

Hehmeyer, Ingrid, "Physical Evidence of Engineered Water Systems in Mediaeval Zabid," Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 25 (1995), 45-54.

Keall, E.J., "Smokers' Pipes and the Fine Pottery Tradition of Hays," Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 22 (1992), 29-46.

Vol. 5: Studies in the Medieval History of Yemen (ed. Noha Sadek, 2002)
Blackburn, J. R., "Two Documents on the Division of Ottoman Yemen into Two Beglerbegiliks (973/1565)," Turcica, 27 (1995), 223-36.

King, David A., "The Medieval Yemeni Astrolabe in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City," Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Arabisch-Islamischen Wissenschaften, 2 (1985), 99-122.

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Serjeant, R. B., "Yemeni Merchants and Trade in Yemen, 13th-16th Centuries," in D. Lombard and J. Aubin (eds.), Marchands et hommes d'affaires asiatiques dans l'Océan Indien et la Mer de Chine, 13e-20e siècles (Paris: Éditions de l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 1988), pp. 61-82.

Smith, G. Rex, "The Yemenite Settlement of Tha'bat: Historical, Numismatic and Epigraphic Notes," Arabian Studies, 1 (1974), 175-88.

Smith, G. Rex, "Some Observations on the Tahirids and Their Activities in and around Sanaa (858-923/1454-1517)," in I. Abbas et al. (eds.), Studies in History and Literature in Honour of Nicola Ziadeh (London: Hazar Publishing Ltd., 1992), pp. 29-36.

Varisco, Daniel Martin, "The Almanac Tradition in Yemen," in Medieval Agriculture and Islamic Science: The Almanac of a Yemeni Sultan (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1994), pp. 3-19.

Vol. 6: Challenging the Familiar: Anthropological and Historical Studies of Yemen (ed. Lucine Taminian, December 2006)
Blumi, Isa, Chapter 4 of Rethinking the Late Ottoman Empire: A Comparative and Political History of Albania and Yemen, 1878-1918. Istanbul: The Isis Press, 2003. (Published in an earlier version as "Looking Beyond the Tribe: Abandoning Paradigms to Write Social History in Yemen during World War I," New Perspectives on Turkey, 22 [2000], 117-43.)

vom Bruck, Gabriele, "Kinship and the Embodiment of History," History and Anthropology, 10/4 (1998), 263-98.

Freitag, U. and H. Schoenig, "Wise Men Control Wasteful Women: Documents on 'Customs and Traditions' in the Kathiri State Archive, Say'un," New Arabian Studies, 5 (2000), 67-96.

Haykel, Bernard, "Rebellion, Migration or Consultative Democracy? The Zaydis and their Detractors in Yemen," in R. Leveau, F. Mermier, and U. Steinbach (eds.), Le Yémen Contemporain. Paris: Karthala, 1999. Pp. 193-201.

Ho, Engseng, "Hadramis Abroad in Hadhramaut: The Muwalladin," in U. Ereitag and W. Clarence- Smith (eds.), Hadrami Traders, Scholars and Statesmen in the Indian Ocean, 1750s-1960s. Leiden: Brill, 1997. Pp. 131-46.

Knysh, Alexander, "The Sada in History: A Critical Essay on Hadrami Historiography," Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Series 3), 9/2 (1999), 215-22.

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Miller, Flagg, "Public Words and Body Politics: Reflections on the Strategies of Women Poets in Rural Yemen," Journal of Women's History, 14/1 (2002), 94-122.

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Wuerth, Anna, "Stalled Reform: Family Law in Post-Unification Yemen," Islamic Law and Society, 10/1 (2003), 12-34.

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